Zante Holiday Review Gives Island in One Word: kallos!

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All the Zante holiday reviews are amazed by the island’s prominent beauty. Others love the island’s diverse resorts. Many more are humbled by the endangered sea turtles that nest on the beach during the summertime. This is absolutely a destination that works for those of many tastes seeking a rest.

Zante Town boasts restaurants, cafes, shops, beaches, cocktail bars, and hilltop views of the beautiful bay. You can visit a 15th Century Venetian castle presiding on a hill over the town. The tavernas dish up traditional Greek food.

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Accommodation ranges from basically- equipped apartments to hotels to resorts . Writers  called island facilities either “rustic” or “behind the times,” depending on their temperament and expectation.

Zante holiday reviews mention the island’s sheer beauty as much as they do the bar scene . Tour guides offer trips around the island, by land and by sea, and to the next island of Kefalonia. But , a bunch of holiday reviews recommended hiring a car and striking out on your own. Besides the quaint resort towns around the island, Zante, also called Zakynthos, has mountains and light woods for hiking and wildlife observation. Many residents work olive groves and vineyards in the inside.

Being an island, Zante boasts the typical range of water activities, from beach going to jet skis to snorkeling to speed boats. Caves and grottoes line the coast and viewing in a boat or while snorkeling was highly recommended. A warning, though: they can get overrun with tour guide boats. The threatened loggerhead sea turtles also mate and lay eggs on Zante’s beaches during the summer .

One major negative to the island, and Greece as a whole, is that female travelers  oft feel harassed by Greek and Albanian men. Few of the reviewers wrote of physical harassment or violence, so the consensus is that it’s more frustrating than dangerous.

As with the rest of Greece, and much of Europe, the exchange rate is helping out budget-wise, with the euro falling to $1.23. But food and cocktails are expensive, say several Zante holiday reviews. Restaurateurs are pushy in seeking business, often by accosting people on the street waiving menus and offering specials.

But by most accounts, the cuisine is outstanding , as long as you avoid the wannabe English pubs, and the views are outstanding and the locals are friendly.

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