You May Get Help From Your Travel Insurance If You Are Arrested Abroad

When traveling abroad we have to keep in mind that other cultures do not quite see things the way we do.  So, if you are robbed and start fighting back it is possible that you might be arrested.  You better watch out if you ever hit a citizen of another country.  You may end up in jail.  In order to be ready if ever you do get robbed in a foreign country, remember to note where the nearest US embassy office or the consular is.

Travel insurance certainly won’t cover this kind of issue, but once you are able to make contact with a U.S. Embassy office or consular, they can help you make the appropriate contacts and even contact your family and friends to get money to you if bail is needed. While there is a light at the end of the tunnel it would still make things extremely tough for you when traveling out of the country.

With no money to eat, that can also bring down a persons spirit.  This is another occasion in which if you were robbed or your money was stolen you can surely go to the consulars office and they can help you contact the proper people to file the police report and they will tell you how you can get money from family and friends, while helping you make those phone calls.  It still doesn’t hurt to have some sort of cheap travel insurance, such as one way travel insurance.

While the consular can’t change that countries law, they can help you to understand why and help you take the proper steps to get help and get back home.  The primary purpose of the US Embassy is to offer assistance should you ever need it but they certainly won’t just come and bail you out. 

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