Why There Are People Who Can’t Surf

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Surfing has become a popular recreational activity and sport these days, and because of that more and more people suddenly wanna surf. However, not all these people can hit waves with success. There are various reasons why people who wanna surf are not able to do it. But the greatest contributing factor among all the possible reasons is the failure of some surfing schools to provide the best education newbie surfers need.

Surfing schools is a good topic to talk about.

Although marketing forces would have us believe otherwise, the majority of surfers are not overjoyed with the introduction of the modern surf schools. Although there are a lot of good surf schools today, surfers often blame these schools for filling the line-up with people who are not adept in surfing. This is simply a generalization and pointing a finger at the whole surf school industry is quite a misguided accusation.

But the main issue is that everyone wants to surf and they wanna surf right at this moment. They have the slightest idea of its difficulty and they want to make some short cuts. They want the ability of a surfer with ten years experience, and they want it in two weeks. Unfortunately there are surf schools out there that take advantage of this situation. These schools know that if they explained the reality of learning to surf, they would get fewer students.

This omission of the fact is a large injustice to any one who studies surfing. The newcomer to surfing needs to be able to trust the information given to them by the surf school operator whom they have paid, to teach them to surf. But it’s a sad reality that for many cases they simply can’t do it.

Also because learners naturally assume that they should be able to have faith in these so-called surf instructors to help them go through the process. These learners no longer ask the more experienced ones for guidance in the water. And conversely most experienced surfers no longer offer it. Thus it means that we are having that self-perpetuating dysfunctional system.

Here is where the problem lies- you simply don’t teach anyone to surf in just a couple of hours or weeks, that’s just not possible. Anyone who says they can do it is just thinking of profit ahead of principles. The greatest thing that a surf school can provide is a glimpse of any feeling you get as you ride the waves while on your surf board.

Yes a personal surf coach, who is an experienced surfer themselves, can be of great benefit to the person who wanna surf over a period of time. But that requires a large sum. No matter what the newcomer to surfing may do, they must get in the habit of seeking guidance from the more experienced surfers in the water.

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