Why Not Make Your Maui Vacation Activities Eco-Friendly?

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These days, it seems that regardless of the topic of discussion, the one idea heard over and over is making any effort a “green” experience. Nowhere is this more evident than when heading out on a spectacular eco-oriented Maui vacation. “Eco-responsible” does not mean visitors have to camp in a tent; affordable lodgings range from pretty bungalows to more up-scale Kaanapali condo rentals.

For eco-tourists, Maui vacation activities can range from hiking or snorkeling daytime excursions to full-on long-term volunteer work in conjunction with nearby ecology groups. Even the hard work of clearing and cleaning becomes a pleasure when embarking from and going back to the first-class accommodations of a beautiful vacation rental.

Maui has long been a popular vacation destination, and today, west Maui is one of the more popular areas for eco-conscious guests. Lahaina was formerly the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, sending out hundreds of ships from its port during the heyday of the whaling industry in the mid-19th century.

The local waters around Maui are still a part of the migratory route of humpback whales, giving winter visitors the opportunity to choose a thrilling whale-watching adventure from a wide variety of possibilities, from charter boats to passenger rafts. The eco-aware tourist will appreciate the regulations that keep people and boats at least 100 feet away from the animals and prevent touching, swimming and other close interaction with these creatures.

For people who adhere to environmentally responsible means of living, there is a large number of opportunities to explore the island while caring for it, enjoying activities many tourists may overlook. Taking nature hikes through a rainforest, bathing under a waterfall, wading in a mountain pool, or kayaking and snorkeling in the clear blue ocean waters all offer the chance to experience the outdoors at its most pristine – and help it stay that way.

Understanding the vulnerability of the ecosystem, the savvy tourist knows that his first obligation is to do no damage, and the second is to leave the island in even better condition than it was when he arrived. This means doing things like holding on to garbage sacks to haul away your trash, as well as litter dropped by others. Of course, you should also avoid picking plants or flowers or removing parts of the natural environment.

Whether you’re passively green in the way you tour, or volunteer to join an active work group, you’ll certainly find respite and comfort at your Lahaina vacation rental or Kaanapali condo. Even a visitor in paradise knows there is no place like an affordable, comfortable Maui vacation home.

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