Why Cruise Ships are One of the Safest Ways to Travel

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Everyone knows about the Titanic. The 1997 James Cameron film starting Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio brought to life the events of that tragic night almost 100 years ago when the celebrated Titanic cruise ship collided with an Iceberg in the North Atlantic, puncturing the hold and sinking the ship, killing many on board.

The film brought to light how truly tragic these events were and the emotional trauma that those on board were likely to have faced. Thank god we know that with modern developments, such a thing will never happen ever againluxury cruise lines. The thing that lead to the sinking all that time ago was the failure of staff in the crows nest to spot an upcoming icebrg. These days, technology does the work of humans, and while both are required for a tight running ship, technology like GPS is far more adept at indicating unseen dangers.

If such an event were to occur, air based rescue units would be on hand to rescue people immediately. Such opportunities were not available 100 years ago, the means of communication were far cruder and more unreliable which meant it was some time before help could reach the stricken passengers. Granted there would be a lot of people on Regent cruises but the earlier rescue services were deployed the more chance there would be of saving many more people.

Finally, in what has turned out to be a convenient consequence of global warming, there are actually very few ice bergs left floating in the North Atlantic, it is far more common for them to be confined to the arctic circle which lies further north. So there you are, no need to worry next time you’re on luxury cruises

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