What You Should Know About Discount Golf Clubs

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Making a golf club purchase at discount prices is a perilous endeavor unless you know some of the do’s and don’ts . Just as it is with any high dollar purchase , you need to do some basic things to know the sources, and to know what the main criteria are for club selection . Some additional time and effort can get the best clubs for your game and save you lots of money .

First, you must realize that the big brand name manufacturers regulate the retail prices of their clubs. Their dealers and distributors are not given the leeway to sell below set prices. However, they are permitted a lot more price freedom when selling last years model golf clubs, and that’s a chance to get great name brand equipment at outstanding prices . Some retailers are even open to a little price haggling on the already lowered price tag.

Second, you’ll come to the realization that there are many retailers selling non-big-name clubs that are excellent equipment. There are dozens of the lesser brands that are being sold OEM style or as clones of the major brands. Most that fall into this category are offering golf equipment that is every bit as functional as the big brands. Often, you’ll see that the smaller brands and dealers of clone golf clubs will offer much more in the way of customization for your clubs. That’s very important because you will want the best fit for you so you’ll play better and enjoy the game to the fullest.

In any case, after you’ve done the basic research, it’s best to get to know the retailer of discount golf clubs that you wish to do business with. Read everything available about them that you can find. Then, armed with a list of questions, call them. A telephone call or two will give you an understanding of who you’re dealing with, what their policies are, and provide you some knowledge about their reputation.

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