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Development of online store, dealer, retail, store,  and office locators are essential for any brick and mortar business that relies on the general public visiting their locations. Gas stations,   convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, clothing stores, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses rely on online locators to help their clients locate their stores and get their in their vehicles.

A well constructed and executed online locator can greatly enhance the value of your companies image and brand.   Online locators are highly perceptible on a web site, and say a lot about a company depending on how well the locator works , and is often the first experience a customer has with a company.

However, there are many more poorly configured web locators than good ones.  A bad locator can become a disater if a customer tires to use it and gets lost, frustrated, or worse.  Some of the best locators have elements that are both common and often expensive to put through.  It is very easy to find bad locators.  Google “locators” and see for yourself. Good ones, are few and far between.

Use the succeeding(a) tests to see if your locator is up to speed with the best:

  • Accuracy — are your stores accurately place on your locator?   Poor geocoding, especially when using an online tool, can be 30 -60 percent incorrect. Use Google street view or Satellite view to verify your location.  You might be shocked to find your locations miles away from where they are…maybe even in a lake or in the wood. For example, to ensure customers can always get the most recently information when the look for the nearest Exxon or Mobil station, they update their locator data on a daily basis.

  • Useability – If your customers can’t easily figure out how to use the locator application or locator they will quickly give up and be left with a bad impression of your company.

  • Useability — consumers don’t just want to find where they are, they want to find the closest location, locations along the way, locations with certain features such as diesel fuel at a gas station, hours of operation, printer friendly driving directions, single line address input that intelligently figures out a location with less than perfect address information.  GPS downloads are now available on one of the best locators on the net, the ExxonMobil station locator.

  • Kept up to date — is your information updated daily?

  • Access - do you have multi-language capability?

There are many more features and functions that seperate average locators from great locators.   Find out who designs the best locators and hire them to do yours.  Good locators are difficult to program.  Bad ones are easy.   A locator is necessary if you have multiple retail locations.  Make sure your locator is an asset for your company.


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