What Is a Professional Surf Experience?

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Surfing seems easy, right? You only need to paddle out there, duck under those waves, and ride down the face of the waves doing a bit of cut backs and bottom turns. If you have ever hired a board and had a go you will know the real surf experience is a little different!

Surfing was revived during the 1920s when Duke kahanamoku a Hawaiian swimmer formed the first surfing club in Waikiki. Professional surfing competition was extremely popular in the 1960s, thus giving birth to the best surf experience there is. The main organizing body for professional surfing today is the Association of Surf Professionals (ASP), which also has five regional organizations. A few pro surfers can earn about $200,000 or more per year from competing but most top professional surfers earn about $20,000 per year. Top pros can earn in excess of $750,000 over their lifetimes from competition. More money can come from product endorsements and offering lessons.

So how to be a professional surfer and get the best surf experience of your life as you earn much money? The following are a few instructions:

1. Buy surfing clothes and at least one surfboard to get you started. Although you probably will not have much success without the major ingredient in the mix: good ocean waves. Hence it would be a great help if you are living near the ocean. At all times, you should stay in good shape.

2. To offer lessons is one of the popular means to moonlight for surf teaching professional, offering lessons for the starters. It can be a great expense but it is definitely worth investing if you intend to compete professionally. It requires a lot of practice for you to become a surfer and this has no short cuts involved. You can locate experienced surfers who offer lessons by visiting surf shops like 2 Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas, California. Nick Kreiger is the program director at that shop.

3. Competing in surfing events at the semi-professional level is your next step. Be prepared to travel around other destinations to find events. You are to gain valuable surf experience if you join in some competitions and practice on your own.

4. To join the ASP is simple for qualified surfers. You’ll have to apply and pay the membership fees. The ASP World Tour is however only for an elite group of surfing professionals who dominate this sport. Female surfers can compete too.

5. Travel the world for you to compete in ASP events and join the ASP World Tour.

6. Endorsing surfing products and providing surf lessons is a great supplement for your income once you’ve made it inside.

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