Vancouver 2010 was the Warmest Winter Olympics Yet – pun intended!

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The city of Vancouver was host to the 16 days of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the ensuing festivities were witnessed on television by millions of viewers from all around the World!

The facilities for this unique event took 7 years to work on, and though there were some minor problems at the very beginning of the event, they didn’t stop the Canadian hockey team from emerging victorious over the US team and win the goal medal. In fact, Canada took away more gold medals than any other Olympic host country, accomplishing 14 victories in 16 days.

Downtown Vancouver was the location for many cultural events including live music, and dazzling light shows. A lot of events, such as ziplining down Robson Street had extended wait times. There were bashes on almost every avenue. Vancouver’s chief area for nightclubs and nightlife, Granville Street, was filled with people every evening. Canada’s different provinces, even the different countries participating in the games were all showcased in elaborate pavilions that informed people about their diverse cultures.

A lot of people visited Downtown during the games, much of the celebration arrived after Closing Ceremonies. People dressed in Canada’s red and white carried on down the streets greeting passers-by with smiles and cheering. This fantastic event went on without any trouble! Security was spread near Vancouver condos every few feet but people were extremely well behaved.

The televised variation of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver showed a city in total upheaval for 16 days.

We poured seven years of strenuous work into preparing for this major international event, and regardless of the controversies that surrounded the early days of the Games, Canada was able to rally and ultimately reign victorious when it won the gold medal in the final hockey game against the U.S. Our land won a total of 14 medals, the highest number of golds to be received by a host country of the Olympics.

Downtown Vancouver was the site of countless special happenings, offering live concerts, spectacular light displays, ziplining along Robson Street – where there reportedly was a seven-hour wait – and non-stop parties all over. Each night Granville Street, center of the liveliest nightlife in Vancouver, was full for hours on end. A number of pavilions were set up to feature Canada’s provinces, as well as the various countries that participated in the Games.

I traveled downtown on a few times during the course of the Games, but I have to say that the most unforgettable sight was following the Closing Ceremony. I’ll always recall ambling down Granville Street at this historical time, and it made me proud to live in Canada, where the citizens are so patriotic. Wherever you went, you witnessed people dressed in Canada’s national colors of red and white, high-fiving complete strangers as they screamed and cheered and had a wonderful time. And no one caused any problems! Security officers were positionednear Vancouver condos every few feet, but there weren’t any fights to break up. Well we didn’t see any.

As a Vancouver real estate agent with REMAX Vancouver to have such an incredible event in your own city is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! We trust you will enjoy this video, which will offer you an idea of the craziness that took place downtown – both night and day.

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