U.S to China: ‘Our Domestic Spying is Unbeatable!’ [COMIC]

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When China meets America at the Olympics…

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143 Responses to “U.S to China: ‘Our Domestic Spying is Unbeatable!’ [COMIC]”

  1. Uma Says:

    What I’ve learned in this comic:Terrorists detained in Gitmo is the same as China’s opression of a spirtual group.Us sending Criminals to Jail is the same as China executing political opposition.Talk about demagogy.

  2. Humphrey Says:

    except a lot of the so-called ‘terrorists’ in gitmo are innocent people who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and in fear of the horrible secrets of what goes on in gitmo they are very tight on who gets to leave, even you are completely innocent. There is a lot more in common that you are willing to see.

  3. Haide Says:

    MYTH: The detainees at Guantanamo are the “worst of the worst.”Fact: Few of the men sent to Guantanamo are the high-ranking al Qaeda or Taliban members the US government alleges them to be. Hundreds were not even involved in the conflict, but rather sold to the US by bounty hunters or turned over by rival clan members trying to settle a vendetta, while high level al Qaeda operatives with the money to buy their freedom got away. According to Michael Scheuer, head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit from 1999 until 2004, no more than 10 percent of those brought to Guantanamo Bay were considered high-value detainees. hrw.org/campaigns/guantanamo/2007/myths …

  4. Nadda Says:

    quaxon, a few people also got arrested for things they haven’t done. There were even cases of people released from jail after 30 years when proven innocent. Does this mean we should stop arresting people and stop putting them in jails?

  5. Xhosa Says:

    pinto: MYTH: “Only the worst of the worst should be detained”.Fact: Just because someone isn’t a HIGH LEVEL AL QEADE OPERATIVE, doesn’t mean he hasn’t engaged in terrorists activities.10 precent of those brought to Guantanamo are high value detainees? That’s an excelent success rate.

  6. Jennaya Says:

    @quaxon & pintompWhy leave a job half done? You took care of the easy part, but what about our criminals and China’s political executions?

  7. Prue Says:

    dkapuchino: it doesn’t say that 10 percent are high-value detainees, it says they are considered to be. there has only been one trial, and that was a kangaroo court which allowed coerced testimony and secret witnesses. if they are guilty, give them a fair trial. prove it in an open court. coyote: i’m not here to support the oppression of either country.

  8. Vidal Says:

    So let me get this straight, even when they do stand on trail, and are convicted, you refuse to accept the courts ruling? How surprising!

  9. Russom Says:

    you really have a problem with facts. it was not a trial, it wasn’t even a military court marshal. they allowed the use of coerced testimony and secret witnesses. even then they couldn’t find him guilty of any substantial charges. it is everything our founding father fought against.

  10. Zaila Says:

    @pintomp3I think you misunderstood my question. How is putting murderers, rapists, thieves, arsonists, assaulters, and drug dealers (you know, criminals) in prison the same as execution of political dissenters? I ask because the comic seems present them a equatable. I am not arguing against the fact that most Gitmo detainees were not terrorists (I wouldn’t blame them if they “sign up” if they ever get home.) You only answered half of dkapuchino’s original comment well, but that doesn’t mean the other half isn’t valid.

  11. Kylia Says:

    U.S to China: Our Trade Deficit is Unbeatable!”

  12. Jengo Says:

    they tried too hard in this one

  13. Ruven Says:

    I think they’ll concede that it isn’t the smoothest comic in the world as long as you get the message.

  14. Joyce Says:

    God Bless America

  15. Yancy Says:

    You mean, “God Help America.”

  16. Rylan Says:

    No I don’t.

  17. Fidelma Says:

    I think that might be the issue… we’re still hoping for “God” to bail us out.

  18. Irene Says:

    Oh yes, god, come do all the work for us, ill just talk to myself for a few minutes a day (prayer) and it will put my conscience at ease for not doing a damn thing. I mean, the new iphone is out, i gotta hit the gym, xbox price drop and the new batman, who has time to hold government accountable or even care enough to educate myself on what is going on outside of what they tell me on TV! im sure god will come through this time for me, i mean he made the jets win last week!

  19. Edison Says:

    hahaha . .America is blessed by a ferry tail .. that must be awkward.

  20. Philantha Says:

    you mean fairy tale, not ferry tale.

  21. August Says:

    Not if you’re transporting cars across a river.

  22. Bastien Says:

    I dont know if I should laugh or realize were one ***** up country for not ending our ridiculous policies

  23. Umeko Says:

    Normal folk – Laugh Now, Cry LaterRich Folk – Cry on tv, laugh your way to the bank

  24. Iduia Says:

    > were one ***** up country for not ending our ridiculous policiesWhat exactly would you do to end it?Are you hoping for a fair election? Perhaps Obama will beat Diebold? I wouldn’t bet on it, though. And what if he does? What would make him or his staff, his donors and all those he owes something cut back on the powers Bush/Cheney has pulled together for them?Are you going to protest in the streets? They’re probably waiting for it.You are truly ***** and so are we on the other side of the pool. Democracy was fun the 150 years or so it lasted.Remember that democracy is historically extremely rare and unlikely. It has only happened twice in history, the first time it lasted a couple hundred years more than 2000 years ago and again within the last 200 years. And it only happened in a very limited number of contries.It happened because the French Revolution showed the ruling classes that power sharing might be a better option than the very real possibility of having their heads cut off by the oppressed masses. The Russian revolution re-enforced the message that power sharing might be better than direct confrontation. But after the fall of Sovjet Union the threat isn’t there any longer so we are rapidly going back to the ways from before the French revolution.Our generation will think of democracy as a time of greatness but our children will not believe us when we tell them that it was possible to run a country without a dictatorial leadership. The constant outbreaks of protests that turn violent will appear to prove them right. Just as too much and too honest information tend to stir up unrest and therefore must be censored for our own good.

  25. Xanti Says:

    Whatever happened with that little incident where a stealthy Chinese submarine managed to impregnate a US Navy defence training convoy, before submerging below and disappearing. It was a story earlier on Digg, that obviously never got media attention.

  26. Xiuhcoatl Says:

    It was during the last NATO naval exercise… China surfaced an attack submarine right next to the USS Kittyhawk, the FLAGSHIP of the US Navy. The Navy reported that because of the electronic drive system of the Chinese sub they never even knew it was there.No, it was not covered by US media. I can only imagine the fun the Pentagon would have trying to explain why China has attack subs that our Navy can’t even detect… considering how much US taxpayers spend on ‘defense’. Big black eye on the US Department of Defense.

  27. Ulani Says:

    I can promise you, that sub didn’t sneak up on *****. The second one of their boats leaves port there’s a US Boat on their ass until the pull back in.

  28. Fina Says:

    “I can promise you, that sub didn’t sneak up on *****. The second one of their boats leaves port there’s a US Boat on their ass until the pull back in.”lol, ignorance is bliss, USA NUMBA ONE BOOROO BABY!!!!

  29. Sabine Says:

    Couldn’t be because of China’s massive spying against our military’s networks looking for technology to steal could it? I mean, we couldn’t actually DEFEND against such an attack or at least counter attack them. Perhaps a nice hacker attack on their financial district will change their attitude?

  30. Lin Says:

    One of the centerpieces of China’s naval strategy is area denial – namely ***** that can sneak up on our carriers or throw enough explosive at them to keep them out of their (or Taiwan’s) waters. There was an article in The Atlantic (I think) about it last year.

  31. Tim Says:

    It’s more likely that most of the tax dollars has gone to stuff the pockets of someone. The defense industry is horribly ineffective and rife with corruption.

  32. Avice Says:

    How am I ignorant when Im actually in the US Navy sub force and know exactly what goes down? Perfect example of a douche bag hater who has no idea what they are talking about. Good luck with that “quaxon:”

  33. Sy Says:

    What!? Who told you ships do that? No, no, that’s not how it works. See, when a submarine and a missile cruiser love each other very much, they call Newport News and a brand new little baby destroyer gets delivered.

  34. Rusty Says:

    digg.com/world_news/Chinese_Submarine_Out_M …

  35. Nadda Says:

    It would be funny if liberals didn’t actually believe the US and China are equal in such things.Water boarding is something that journalists actually VOLUNTEER for to see what it is like. I am waiting for a journalist to volunteer to be beaten in the China system.Prisoners in the US actually commit crimes (although I don’t think smoking pot should get someone landed in jail). In China, you go to jail if you criticize the government. If the US was like that most Diggers would be in jail. The submitter of this comic would be in jail. Digg owners would be in jail for allowing it. If you digg the comic you would go to jail. To pretend the US and China are equal in these matters, while it might make you think you are cool for ‘standing up to power’ it in fact makes you look like an idiot for not understanding the vast differences between the civil injustices in the two countries. The slaughter of tens of millions during Mao’s rule actually might be seen as a plus for some left-wing nuts on this site, but for the rest of the world it is a human rights violation of the highest order. You name the inhuman dictator and China is happy to help them. Mugabe. Kim in N. Korea. China shields the world’s most inhumane acts. The Tibet suppression has only equals in Communist countries.I could go on, but my time is probably just being wasted.

  36. Umberto Says:

    So I can kill hundreds of people in China just as long as I don’t criticize the government while I do so?

  37. Sabriel Says:

    I don’t think many people believe they are equal or that the US is worse in human rights abuses than China. But that doesn’t mean America (and many other countries) don’t deserve criticism. I mean the Chinese government is practically saintly compared to North Korea or Saudi Arabia.We shouldn’t be comparing our government against others; we should be comparing them to the standards that all governments are expected to treat their citizens.

  38. Yuma Says:

    Good job on ignoring the dictators that America supported in Latin America as well as in Middle East. The Shah in Iran ring a bell for you? Oh yeah, we supplied weapons to Saddam too, knowing his record. School of the Americas? Remember back in April 2001 when a U.S. spy plane was flying off the coast of China, bumped into a Chinese fighter jet and killed the pilot? Don’t forget our own civil rights history in this country. The problem with America is that we sugar coat our history to make it look like we’ve done nothing wrong.

  39. Hailey Says:

    you forgot all the puppets US implemented in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Georgia, Poland), Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others.

  40. Valmai Says:

    “we supplied weapons to Saddam too”Uh-uhh, Iraq never had WMDs, CIA said so but ***** ignored it/sarcasm”Remember back in April 2001 when a U.S. spy plane was flying off the coast of China, bumped into a Chinese fighter jet and killed the pilot?”Who flew into who, we’ll never really know. Either way, I don’t see your point mentioning that.”you forgot all the puppets US implemented”I’m confused, was Saddam a puppet, or the ruler of a soverign nation?

  41. Kael Says:

    you stupid *****. waterboarding is torture. we convicted japanese soldiers of doing it to our troops. we have so many people in prison because we make criminals out of people who smoke pot. you also ignore the brutal dictators we supported and trained: pinochet, suharto, noriega, papa doc, shah of iran, and yes saddam. the point isn’t that china and the US are the same. china doesn’t claim to be “land of the free” and is not exporting democracy. “The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” – Rev. Martin Luther King

  42. Keyanna Says:

    Dibou wan’t arguing that waterboarding isn’t tourture, what he said in not so many words is that 100 times more US reporters have volunteered to be waterboarded than detainees subjected to it. “we have so many people in prison because we make criminals out of people who” commit a crime. (Whether you think that using drugs should be legal or not until the law changes it’s still a crime.)”The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today” – Rev. Martin Luther KingAnd we got a reputation to uphold, damnit! (Joking)

  43. Helsa Says:

    The point, coyote, is that smoking pot being a criminal offense is like sitting mindlessly on the couch watching TV being a criminal offense. It’s ridiculous and the original poster’s intent was to expose that.

  44. Zaide Says:

    I agree, it is rediculous, so are seatbelt laws IMO, but I’d use my seatbelt anyway. Just because you don’t agree with a law doesn’t mean you can just ignore it. If you care enough, write your representatives, join protests, blog about it until the law is changed. Sure, our foreign policy is pretty ***** up, but at least we can say that without being executed on the spot.

  45. Xaviera Says:

    I don’t disagree with you, but I think you took the comment a step further than the rest of us did. pintomp3 is saying that laws against marijuana are ridiculous and require removal via political action. Now, we could take a more Thoreau-like approach and just ignore laws that we find to be unjust, but that wouldn’t be effective unless executed on a massive scale – and even then, it’d be a gamble.

  46. Tablita Says:

    Well, if you’re so eager, why don’t you book yourself a cell in Gitmo and enjoy some waterboarding. Then come back to us and tell us how great it is.No one’s trying to understate the terrible ***** that goes on in China… but you really can’t ignore the terrible ***** that goes on in America too.

  47. Irela Says:

    Were allowed to completely dehumanize, oppress, imprison, torture, kill, rape, etc. citizens of poor, third world countries (though were only interested in ones rich in resources we can steal). As long as we just do it to those not from here (though sooner or later we can start rounding up those annoying liberals) it gives us the high moral ground, US DA BEST, dun like it git da hell out!

  48. Yasunari Says:

    That dude doesn’t look Chinese………The eyes are big and speaks go engrish

  49. Fancy Says:

    “speaks go engrish”?Looks like you need the english lessons.

  50. Addison Says:

    You don’t get it, do you?

  51. Emilie Says:


  52. Fancy Says:

    If only it wasn’t so true…

  53. Bach yen Says:

    It’s not.

  54. Gali Says:

    Oh yes, it is.

  55. Ulric Says:

    No, it isn’t. Last I checked, the US doesn’t roll tanks over peaceful protesters or throw someone in a ***** prison for badmouthing the government. For example, Michael Moore would be very slim in a Chinese prison camp right about now if he were making his documentaries in China.

  56. Galvin Says:

    We don’t roll tanks over them, but we tell them when and where they can protest (where they won’t be seen or heard), and we put them on no-fly lists. And that’s just the standard operating procedure. Sometimes we get creative and burn down compounds full of men, women, and children. We don’t generally kidnap and torture our own citizens for political reasons — that would be morally wrong — but we do it to foreigners sometimes.Granted, in all honesty, it’s not quite as bad here as in China. What’s the prize for being not quite as oppressive as China?

  57. Musetta Says:

    Blues – You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’ll stop thinking free speech zones are a bad idea when protestors stop throwing things (or blood) at the people they disagree with or trying to jump in front of cameras or show up naked or who knows what else. Free speech is fine, but you don’t have the Constitutional right to disrupt anything you don’t agree with.Waco was obviously majorly bungled (blame Reno if you want), but the country saw it as a tragedy and learned from its mistakes. China has never acknowledged Tianmen happened, much less admitted the government was to blame.The government does not “kidnap” foreigners for no reason, it captures people it believes are connected to terrorist organizations (often because they are, say, in the same building as people who are shooting at US soldiers). As for torturing, waterboarding has probably only been used a few times on high profile suspects, and it probably won’t be used again due to the courts and the views of both major Presidential candidates right now (thankfully).”it’s not quite as bad here as in China”It’s not even close, and this false equivalence stuff is mind numbingly stupid. Ever hear of the “one child policy?”

  58. Ringo Says:

    Protests can easily turn into riots.Waco was an operation gone bad.

  59. Edna Says:

    @chispitoWell thank god for that. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’d all rather live in a country without thrown objects and nudity than… you know… a free country.Clever how the word “torture” makes you assume waterboarding. That’s how the national debate has been framed. In fact, I bet politicians love to talk about waterboarding, even the ones involved in it, because then they don’t have to talk about extraordinary rendition. They don’t have to talk about how sometimes people die under interrogation by CIA or contractors in Iraqi prisons. Is waterboarding even the worst thing they do in Guantanamo? How do you know? It’s just the worst thing we found out about.

  60. Helladius Says:

    “No, it isn’t. Last I checked, the US doesn’t roll tanks over peaceful protesters or throw someone in a ***** prison for badmouthing the government. For example, Michael Moore would be very slim in a Chinese prison camp right about now if he were making his documentaries in China.”That’s funny. I don’t see any of that claimed in the cartoon anywhere.

  61. Fidelio Says:

    For ***** sake America is not perfect by *any means* but you cannot compare us to China on that level. Everyone here is ***** spoiled, I’m not saying we shouldn’t work to fix America, it’s kind of slipping. But make a sign that says Bush is a fag and walk around DC, then do the same thing that says Mao is a fag and walk around Beijing and you will realize there are still differences

  62. Xandy Says:

    I agree.I don’t know why so many Diggers think the US is an oppressed pseudo-nazi state.

  63. Girolamo Says:

    it’s not oppressed. it is the oppressor.

  64. Jovana Says:

    stop fooling yourself. US is worse than china.

  65. Itachi Says:

    You’re a ***** idiot if you actually believe that.

  66. Birch Says:

    4 kids were shot at Kent State in 1970 or so was it … it was a big ***** deal.Some kids were shot in Bejing in 1989 more than 4, I think.The U.S. and China are both evil governments which want to control their people and subvert their wealth, labor, and rights .. but I’d much rather be in the U.S. than China.

  67. Nuin Says:

    Jesus H, what an ignorant fool.Some Americans just don’t know how good they’ve got it.

  68. Kevork Says:

    Yeah, over there they’re honest about being oppressive. That’s all. They torture: you torture.They control the media: you control the media. Tibet and Darfur: Iraq, Cuba, Afghanistan, Chile, Iran, Colombia, Venezuela, East Timor, etc.They spy, you spy. Life is better in America, but it’s certainly not better for America’s victims.

  69. Usher Says:

    This is so ignorant of real human rights issues it hurts.

  70. Micaella Says:

    You have to be kidding. The US is far from perfect, but if you think there is any comparison between freedom’s / repression / etc, you deserve to have China be the dominant power on the planet.

  71. Vidar Says:

    wonder what iraqis would have to say about their new freedoms. hmmm

  72. Saba Says:

    Many would say thanks very much. Or does your selective memory forget about the millions that died during the UN sanctions while Saddam was building palaces?

  73. Shoshanah Says:

    @ Baroliche, I said I wonder what Iraqis would say, not what some trailer park trash would say for them.

  74. Nahuel Says:

    Trailer park trash would have probably referred to them as folks.

  75. Fidelia Says:

    LOL china already IS the dominant powerif they haven’t attacked the US is because they’re powerful but not stupid

  76. Vicki Says:

    Clearly your understanding of current geopolitical trends and international might is far superior to not only myself, but most diggers on this board.

  77. Shmuley Says:

    so now everytime i go on digg there are at least a couple articles on the front page reminding me of how messed up our economy is…whatever happened to optimism, people?

  78. Chiquita Says:

    We couldn’t afford it.

  79. Farah Says:

    Optimism was acquired by Corruption in the hostile take-over of Decency. It was later sold off to the highest bidder to increase quarterly earnings.

  80. Basma Says:

    We could not afford it.

  81. Vlad Says:

    Optimism will never reign on Digg so long as there are any Republicans in office. I’ll bet you that optimistic articles will see an immediate increase if Obama is elected.

  82. Jennie Says:

    Agreed on the first point, but Illinoisans know how screwed we are if Obama wins. Chicago Democrat.Technically, this is Obama’s first real election.

  83. Risa Says:

    And he’s winning :D

  84. Nadalia Says:

    Spot on.

  85. Walden Says:

    LOL… oh wait. :(

  86. Xexilia Says:

    Well, China, the United States accepts your challenge. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S…oh, wait.

  87. Bima Says:

    not funny. the fool who did this has no idea of recent history. I traveled in China in the 1970′s-80s for business… it was only on a rare occasion that anyone other than a China Government person who dare even say hello to me. Where as my wife and adult children just returned from a 2 week vacation with hours of videos of ordinary people exchange. My comment to my son was, “that wasn’t your father’s China” and it wasn’t. Things have opened up and you have to be a fool not to have noticed. I am very upset that the pre Olympic “press coverage” is so bias against China. From silly articles about cameras in Beijing to Free Tibet coverage. If we, the world’s greatest democracy held a vote to determine if it was fine with us to have cameras in sensitive locations like Wall Street, our airports, our stadiums or Rodeo Drive the vote would be affirmative. China is not doing anything we have not or would not do to try to guarantee the safety of all people … Chinese and Foreigners who are visiting for the games or for school or whatever purpose.

  88. Prosper Says:

    Yeah, like rolling tanks over peaceful protesters (or at the very least arresting them), locking people up for badmouthing the government, etc. China is a far greater abuser of human rights than the US, and it’s a FAR greater extent than would be necessary to guarantee the safety of it’s people.

  89. Shirlyn Says:

    youtube.com/watch?v=rxKIWnPHCiYthis is several days ago, “Free Tibet” Banners hanging outside Beijing Olympic Stadiumif it happen in the US – “Free Iraq” Banners hanging outside the whit house.First – get Tazed Second – Tazed some more and get kick in the nutsThird, Crazy dogs bark at you, and get close enough to bite you.Fourth – get bet up some moreFifth – hand crufted from behind, both hands and legs, face to the groundSixth – ship you off the Cuba and eat meat sandwich.

  90. Andie Says:

    we’re the worlds greatest democracy? by the way…it’s different when the camera’s are owned by the government…not exactly like security camera’s at a stadium or in front of a store if it’s owned by the store.

  91. Caitlin Says:

    Refute just one point actually made in the comic and stop setting up strawmen arguments.

  92. Valiant Says:

    My wife is Chinese. I have been to China many times. I enjoy the country and I have an adventure everytime I go there. I believe the China haters are bullies and cry babies. The USA is not the freeist country in the world. That would be the Netherlands. In the Netherlands a person can buy marijuana at a coffee shop, roll a joint and smoke it. The USA has no legal authority in China. You can’t really bully a country that you owe 400 billion dollars too. They are just going to tell you to STFU. You can make fun of me all you want. In the last 2 years, my China investments have increased 300%. I am laughing all the way to the bank. If you wish to make a big pile of money, China is the place to be.

  93. Afton Says:

    I have spent quite a bit of time in China and while some of the government policies don’t thrill me the average self-serving American could learn a great deal about family and community from the Chinese people.

  94. Umed Says:

    racism is spoken of too lightly nowadays

  95. Kylemore Says:


  96. Joyce Says:

    You know, I’ve visited china a few times and I’ve visited the US an equal number of time. Both have this paranoid tension in the airports (customs). Both are far more relaxed once you are out of the airport. Both have been sticking political activists in jail. Numerous drug activists in the US and numerous Chinese Democratic reform/freedom of religion activists in China. It’s not to say China isn’t a lot worse but there are striking parallels between the two. Which is a disturbing trend.

  97. Ketaki Says:

    What political activists have we stuck in jail?

  98. Oda Says:

    dude, did you read what he wrote”Numerous drug activists in the US and numerous Chinese Democratic reform/freedom of religion activists in China”

  99. Ula Says:

    canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5i3og … realitycatcher-alapoet.blogspot.com/2008/06 … usmjparty.blogspot.com/2005/07/canada-now-o … thevillager.com/villager_268/potactivis … hightimes.com/news/ht_admin/4371

  100. Ulric Says:

    The Drug activists could have easily been arrested because of Possesion of Illegal Drugs.

  101. Nadia Says:

    ShadowAres: And the Chinese political activists were being arrested for “disturbing the peace” or other such non sense charges. Chinese political activists get arrested for advocating an opinion the government doesn’t like for control reasons. Drug activists get arrested because they commonly advocate a plant substance the government doesn’t like for historic reasons. Neither that opinion nor the plant have been shown to significantly harm the public good.They aren’t exactly the same but both are situations of a government exerting influence where they ought not. Why is it legal to drink but illegal to toke? Why is it legal to talk about how bad the US is in China but not how bad the Chinese Government is?

  102. Humvee Says:

    Dear fellow diggers:Please stop stealing content from the legitimate owners, posting it to your gallery, and submitting the link to Digg. It’s low class.Original: mattbors.com/archives/421.html

  103. Nsombi Says:

    the comic is signed, *****

  104. Naara Says:

    But the original artists gets a lot less traffic back because the comic is hosted elsewhere. Then again digg traffic is known to be “incredibly low quality, high bounce”. So maybe it’s not that bad.

  105. Baden Says:

    No kidding and thanks for posting the link. The biggest problem with places like Digg, Reddit and the rest is all the content jacking links that make it to the front page. Every user that diggs something that isn’t the original content helps make this service more and more useless. Are there really that many people that either don’t know the difference or don’t care? I’m personally going to use these sites less since there’s just so much junk and wasted time involved in getting to the good content. :P

  106. Umay Says:


  107. Zuleikha Says:

    God it sucks to be US…

  108. Nella Says:

    Seriously, this country does absolutely nothing for us…

  109. Eduardo Says:

    so move somewhere else

  110. Lutisha Says:

    You think that it’s bad that our government does nothing? I don’t think that the governments that do things “for” it’s people are great examples of progress and civil liberties.

  111. Padma Says:

    wow this reminds me of nationalistic propaganda that OTHER countries used to do

  112. Vladimir Says:

    Be funnier if it wasn’t true.

  113. Jafari Says:

    Ridiculous. Americans are so spoiled, they just don’t know how good they’ve got it…. or how bad China is in comparison.

  114. Lahoma Says:

    Oh no! The government doesnt make the rich people pay for my flu shots!

  115. Gus Says:

    A lot of America haters here…

  116. Macon Says:

    Yeah, and most of them are neoconservatives.

  117. Zulu Says:


  118. Victor Says:

    people who love america want it to be better. “My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” – Carl Schurz

  119. Istas Says:

    That pretty much sums up the conservative view of this, thanks for that

  120. Fidelio Says:

    Yeah, the U.S. is exactly like China when it comes to repression. Multi-party democracy means nothing. Our constitution is useless. We’re just like Communist-controlled China. Human rights groups are banned, and their members jailed in the United States. The Internet is censored, and political parties are banned. Posting a blog critical of the government gets you jailed in the U.S.This cartoon is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen posted on Digg. Is even worth mentioning that if Digg were Chinese, and the poster of the cartoon were Chinese that the post would have been deleted, and the poster arrested?

  121. Kaia Says:

    Isn’t the US a two-party system? Effectively anyway.

  122. Wood Says:

    There are only two popular parties due to our polarized politics. There are rooms for third parties (Like the Green party or the Libertarian party), but they just aren’t popular enough to be mainstream and become third and fourth parties.

  123. Denver Says:

    Mikelgan, You are being sarcastic, right? Sarcasm doesn’t translate well, especially for many people who’s native language is not english. Try being a little more suttle.Of course, if your not attempting sarcasm, you are an idiot. plain and simple.Cheers!

  124. Badu Says:

    “Is even worth mentioning that if Digg were Chinese, and the poster of the cartoon were Chinese that the post would have been deleted, and the poster arrested?”the post will be deleted,but the poster won’t be arrestedbut if he keep doing this,then…

  125. Walta Says:

    Jesus…you Americans just don’t know how good you’ve got it.

  126. Kyne Says:

    You don’t know how good its supposed to be.

  127. Joy Says:

    No, say rather, you and other fools don’t realize how easily we Americans can lose it.The idea that the US is currently equal to China in the realm of tyranny and oppression is ridiculous. But we’ve got quite a bit of it going on, and history has proven that it will continue to grow unless our citizens comprehend that it is happening, and put a stop to it.

  128. Nahla Says:

    Or until the threat disappears.

  129. Tabananica Says:

    what does it have to do with Jesus?

  130. Limon Says:

    This makes me want to prepare a droll “my new spying technique is unstoppable” clip art cartoon.

  131. Italia Says:

    STOP WITH THE ***** COMICS there, i said it

  132. Zeroun Says:

    China: 30 million died under Mao.USA: A few prisoners mistreated and people spied on over the years.Uh, I mean ***** BUSH GO OBAMA CARBIN CREDITS HURRRRRR

  133. Syaoran Says:

    I would digg this but Falun Gong = China’s Scientology.

  134. Lindy Says:

    mikeIgan…I couldnt agree more. The commenters here probably think they are perceptive and wise but they are actually quite stupid.They should go and live and work in communist China and get a dose of actual reality.

  135. Oded Says:

    mattbors.com/archives/411.htmlThis is actually a pretty decent webcomic.

  136. Yamir Says:

    very true

  137. Nefertiti Says:

    Oh too true. I love the fact that they have been buying our debt. The comic makes it so simple and yet very disturbing

  138. Yeardleigh Says:

    This comic is like a cross-section of my mind.

  139. Annabella Says:

    sad but true

  140. Halen Says:

    We know full well that Falun Gong is a cult, but we still want to use it to bash China. Remember, we supported Pol Pot and his murderous Khmer Rouge to fight vietnam? Hey, Americans are like that.

  141. Tadeo Says:

    Against Jingoism and Hypocrisy by Ron PaulThe USA has no authority in China. Statement before the US House of Representatives, July 30, 2008, on H. RES. 1370, Calling on the Government of the People’s Republic of China to immediately end abuses of the human rights of its citizensMadam Speaker, I rise in opposition to this resolution, which is yet another meaningless but provocative condemnation of China. It is this kind of jingoism that has led to such a low opinion of the United States abroad. Certainly I do not condone human rights abuses, wherever they may occur, but as Members of the US House of Representatives we have no authority over the Chinese government. It is our Constitutional responsibility to deal with abuses in our own country or those created abroad by our own foreign policies. Yet we are not debating a bill to close Guantanamo, where abuses have been documented. We are not debating a bill to withdraw from Iraq, where scores of innocents have been killed, injured, and abused due to our unprovoked attack on that country. We are not debating a bill to reverse the odious FISA bill passed recently which will result in extreme abuses of Americans by gutting the Fourth Amendment.Instead of addressing these and scores of other pressing issues over which we do have authority, we prefer to spend our time criticizing a foreign government over which we have no authority and foreign domestic problems about which we have very little accurate information.I do find it ironic that this resolution “calls on the Government of the People’s Republic of China to begin earnest negotiations, without preconditions, directly with His Holiness the Dalai Lama or his representatives.” For years US policy has been that no meeting or negotiation could take place with Iran until certain preconditions are met by Iran. Among these is a demand that Iran cease uranium enrichment, which Iran has the right to do under the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is little wonder why some claim that resolutions like this are hypocritical.Instead of lecturing China, where I have no doubt there are problems as there are everywhere, I would suggest that we turn our attention to the very real threats in a United States where our civil liberties and human rights are being eroded on a steady basis. The Bible cautions against pointing out the speck in a neighbor’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own. I suggest we contemplate this sound advice before bringing up such ill-conceived resolutions in the future.

  142. Ide Says:

    that’s about it…

  143. Viviana Says:

    Even if it doesn’t compare to China, the current US regime is horrible. Domestic spying, violations of the constitution, the revocation of habeus corpus, torture, secret prisons. How can you neocons defend this *****?

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