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Due to the country’s Enormous size the variation between the north and south is widely different especially their climates; The northern half of Australia is baked in Eternal sun shine and humid Conditions all year round.

although months and season’s neither make a chance tot he northern territories the South divide’s climate ranges dramatically from cold wet raining months to blazing heats and arid conditions in the summer.

Great places to go?

The best bet is to Book you’re holiday on the Northern coasts although the towns and city aren’t as widely populated nor heavily populated.

The majority of Australia is a baron wilderness which cannot be habituated due to immense heat and little or no water, this is why all of the major towns and cities are situated on the coast of the country which probably induces so many tourists to take Australia Holidays.

Don’t leave home without: a eagerness to use these words “Mate” “No Worries” and “She’ll be aright” as slanged English is commonly spoken out there, this shouldn’t be much of a problem to the youth of today.

Appetite: Seafood and steak washed down with larger (not fosters or xxxx) or copious amounts of fresh locally sourced wine.


What to do?

should be more along the lines of ” What isn’t there to do!”, you can meet and party with many of the millions of travellers, explore the cultured citys and town or try you’re skills at surfing on the fantastic beaches which Australia is bless with. There’s always the opportunity to take Australia tours To venture different aspects of the country like it’s many vineyards or trace back through the native routes and Explore the ancient Aboriginal dwellings and artAustralia cruises Also prove to be very popular among tourists especially those who enjoy aquatic wildlife due to the surrounding seas are bless with seals, sharks , dolphins and whales.

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