Tracks to Inspire Your Car Hire Choice

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Music Hits to Inspire Your Car Hire Choice

We often draw inspiration from music, so why not let it influence your car hire choice



Music can stir emotion and feeling and is a great inspiration for most of us, but rarely does it have such a practical impact as to help us to choose which hire car to have ?



Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett

Mustang Sally is one of the most famous car songs ever written, the rough and ready edge in Picketts voice makes this a classic song. The new Ford Mustang has the slogan “All Legend No Compromise” says it all and is just as amazing as the 1965 car Mustang Sally.


Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin is one of those tragic artists immortalised for a premature demise which halted a potentially incredible music career. Mercedes Benz rightly deserves its place in music history and remains a fitting ode to an enduring status symbol.


Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen

Pink – admittedly not to everyone’s aesthetic taste, but if it was good enough for The Boss then it should be good enough for your car hire needs. The song oozes style, as does anyone who has the minerals to turn up to a meeting/event in a pink Cadillac.


Jaguar – The Who

Any song which contains the lyrics: “Every lovely spot near or far. You can reach them too in your car. Or you might be there now if you own a Jag already,” is pure genius by my book. The song is never likely to be remembered in the same breath as I Can’t Explain or My Generation, and more’s the pity.


Camaro – Kings of Leon

Nashville rock group Kings of Leon sung about the Chevrolet Camaro in their third album Because Of The Times. The classic American model is the perfect inspiration for a rock song, which in turn should be the perfect inspiration for a car to hire.

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