Top Spots in France

One of the most diverse countries of Europe is France . It stretches from ocean to sea from plains to mountains. It is also the largest country in Western Europe and offers sights from Alsace to the Pyrenees, from Brittany to the Cote d’Azur enchanting landscapes, stunning castles such as along the Loire and off the streets, there is always a pretty little town and village that are worth stopping .

The Atlantic region of France with its endless coastline is a playground for those interested in water sports . Biarritz is a city lying on the Bay of Biscay in south-western France. It is a luxurious seaside resort and is popular with tourists and surfers and has lost none of its charm. Quite near Biarritz is the Dune du Pilat in Arcachon, one of the biggest sand dunes on the continent . On their slopes summer snowboarding and paragliding are available .

Moving westward the ancient towns are the scenery of the western Mediterranean coast, on the Golfe du Lion. The proud Narbonne and the bustling Marseille worth a visit just as the small fishing villages. To the west of Marseille close to the arms of the Rhone delta lies one a most exotic territory : the Camargue with its wide plains, plenty of lakes, secluded courtyards. Flamingos, purple heron, the famous Camargue horses, and other rare animals and plants are among the attractions to see.

Passing the Camargue region the country goes on the Cote d ‘Azur, the French Riviera with its stylish and luxurious atmosphere . It has to offer itself with its varied beauty. A lot of celebrities come together to celebrate the film industry every year at the Cannes Film Festival.The road goes on from Nice and Cannes to the small state of  Monaco which is ruled by Prince Albert II. Inevitable to travel to the casino or a journey on the Moyenne Corniche, or the Grande Corniche, two beautiful roads, both leading from Nice to Menton and offer fantastic views of the beautiful sea, the beach resorts and the splendor of the coast.

Turning away from the beach inland vacationers are greeted in Provence landscapes which appear in the paintings of van Gogh or Cezanne. Rich, self-dormant southern land full of lavenders between the Mediterranean, the Rhone and the Alps. The Romans prefered the region so much that they paid tribute by building the amphitheater in Arles and constructed very well preserved Roman ruins in Nimes, the mighty aqueduct Pont du Gard. Another inevitable place is the papal city of Avignon, a small piece of Vatican, and of course there is also the well-known bridge from the song “Sur le pont d’Avignon”. At the time of the summer theater festivals artists from all over the world circulate in the city streets.

Heading north to Brittany and Normandy you can meetcraggy coves, rugged cliffs and hidden beaches. Visitors experience the archetypal nature of France here. Plenty of Parisians have a summer house here in order to relax from stress of the capital. In spite of all the flood of tourists , the rocky island of Mont Saint Michel is yet a splendid sight that you ought not to neglect . Who goes out there in winter and rents a room in a typical France accommodation you can nearly alone at night and walk along the walls and cast your eyes on the open sea.

Besides beaches, monuments, attractions France has another special feature: winter sports. A concentration of several places, lifts and ski slopes are constructed in order that you go with your skis from one area to another. With the ski resorts of Les Trois Vallés and Les Portes du Soleil, it has two of the biggest resorts in Europe.

And finally, of course, a trip through France is not all over without stopping in the city on the Seine, Paris. Its charm is due in particular – besides the bustling cultural life – the people. Together with liberal tolerance, joy and bonhomie that makes up its attraction . Where can we start the list of attractions in Paris: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the tons of museums and monuments. And do not forget about renting   Paris accommodation as well.

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