Things To Do In London

London is a thriving city – undoubtedly one the world’s best. It is a city that has never looked back or slowed down since the time of its first founding. Everything that you would want can be found within its center. As you would expect, a city that offers so much is a great place to visit and not somewhere that you could get bored. You could spend a lifetime exploring the place, but if you have just a few days, you can still get a real feel of what the city is about. A good starting point is to immerse yourself in the city’s history. You will come across everything from dark medieval secrets to glorious, priceless crown jewels. The city’s history is so rich and vast, that there is something for everyone, even those who claim to have little interest in history. Be sure to pay a visit to Madame Tussauds, which is the world’s best lifelike wax museum, where you can see famous people not just from the UK, but from all around the world. Also, do not miss out on the London Dungeon, where the horrors of medieval London are bought to life. Inside the Tower of London, you will discover the crown jewels and hear tales of prisons made especially for only the most important prisoners. The National Portrait Gallery brings history and art together with exhibits of portraits depicting Britain’s most famous historical figures. Plenty of small museums and art galleries are found in London’s city center that are worth a stop, so make sure to leave time in your schedule to peek your head inside. Oxford Street is the ideal place for the experienced shopper. If shopping is too strenuous, Hyde Park is found nearby to bring the peace and quiet of the country right into the city. Portobello Market is one of many outdoor markets and is located northeast of the park. Nestled inside all of the hustle and bustle are quiet, charming side streets full of London’s past. Here you can find gems such as Covent Gardens. For a bird’s eye view of all that the city center has to offer, you can head over to the London eye. From above, you can see an overview of the wonders of the city. Once the day of sightseeing and shopping has come to a close, it is time to head to the pub with a group of friends for a couple of draughts. Once you have tipped a few back to lubricate the soul, it is time to hit one of London’s numerous dance clubs to enjoy a night of any kind of dancing imaginable. The international flair of the city encourages dancing from techno, to trance, to hip hop. Do not forget about the Latin and ethnic dancing as well as the raves. And because London features almost too many rugby and football teams to count, you can always catch a game live.

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