The Real China [Pics]

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Real China, in photos

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219 Responses to “The Real China [Pics]”

  1. Pahukumaa Says:

    If anything the Indians and Chinese should stop screwing so much. Is it our fault we don’t want to go into poverty for that 3rd child, and have our children experience what it’s like to live as portrayed in those pictures?

  2. Emiliana Says:

    [Racism racism racism] and [racism racism racism]. Don’t forget [racism racism racism]! And [rabble rabble rabble].

  3. Fumiko Says:

    I have nothing against China or India. I would like to see their people achieve greater prosperity in their own countries.That said, I don’t think it is a good idea for western populations, or for that matter any racial or ethnic group, to allow itself to die out.

  4. Wilmet Says:’s the article, but you need a subscription to read it in its entirety.@fantaThey are both the real China. Sorry, you can not just ignore this.

  5. Emerson Says: ?Nope, but this caught it:

  6. Durin Says:

    Beautiful pictures, even if they are heavily biased by showing mainly rural or poverty stricken areas.

  7. Jaheim Says:

    You an idiot hiscity. China has population controls.

  8. Dusty Says:

    I wonder when these were taken. That would make all the difference.

  9. Gunesh Says:

    There was a great write up in the WSJ on China’s real poverty and how the government does nothing about it and just hopes it will go away. It also actively opposes any attempt to help them, whether by foreigners or natives.

  10. Sabin Says:

    @hiscity:If you think that’s what all China really looks like you’re a complete fool. If you think there’s not a single place in the U.S. where people live in similar economical characteristics, you’re kidding yourself. Go to some of the poorer neighbors of Louisiana, Alabama or Texas and you’ll see that your two-car, three-bedroom-house dream isn’t lived by everyone in the world, let alone your own country. Again, this isn’t the real China. This is complete *****. And stupidverizon is an unsensitive *****.

  11. Vaman Says:

    I know people are going to start drawing ridiculous conclusions about how terrible Chinese working conditions are from these pictures, so please keep in mind that this gallery is not a statistical sample. Pics of deplorable conditions in the US could be amassed just as easily. [edit] fantasmacanino beat me to it

  12. Denis Says:

    I think Rosie said it best”Ching chong, ching chong, ching”

  13. Bade Says:

    is it just me or are some of those captions…a little off

  14. Nelia Says:

    Hey fantamacanino and mightyarmenian!For years I’ve been hearing people talk about the “hidden” desolate areas in the USA, and the children “starving to death” in the USA – And how it’s there if anyone looks for it.For more than 50 years I’ve traveled to every corner of this country – Cities, rural areas, industrial area…you name it, I’ve been there. And yes, I’ve seen some shanty looking areas – But nothing of people starving, or living in pure squalor.Let’s face it pals – You and everyone else in this world knows that any little indiscretion in the USA is plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the world. And, if one child in the USA starved to death – It would be on every news channel, and every front page of every paper in the world. And, the same with people living in squalor.We’ve got all types of social programs available to anyone here – The people that do live in the squalor are doing so because they have problems or issues putting themselves there or mental problems (like the homeless). But how much can we do for them without the ACLU crying “Hey you’re violating their rights!” People like you always got to twist everything around to bash the USA… Hey!..It’s the best place in the world, and you know it!

  15. Xiuhcoatl Says:

    “And the Dragon will continue to spread throughout the earth.”Makes me proud to be Chinese! We are the children of the Dragon. How cool is that?

  16. Chitrinee Says:

    Ever heard of China’s 1 child rule?

  17. Walidah Says:

    @vfrexI know. It’s crazy to compare the birth rate int he West with China, with its famous “One child policy”. It makes me wonder if hiscity really knows anything about China.

  18. Bast Says:

    Could the captions BE any smaller???

  19. Pahukumaa Says:

    Yeah, because high population has always correlated with high productivity. India and China will never meet or exceed western standards of living — western standards of living will get worse, but theirs aren’t going to even come close to what we have at present. There’s just way too many people to be able to sustain that level of consumption on this planet.

  20. Cairo Says:

    People are so ignorant of China. I lived there for several years. Yes, they have population controls, but the poorest people do not follow them. The nanny that we had while I was there had 5 children, and another on the way. There is a GIGANTIC poverty problem in China. Most of China DOES look like this. The cities are heavily industrializing, but as in most countries, a majority of the people do not live in the largest cities. Also, as for environment, it was one of the most hilarious things. When the UN inspectors came in to do their annual pollution assessment of Beijing while I was there, almost all of the poorest people had to go without power. Thats right, the government TURNED OFF all of the coal power plants, which turned the skies an eerie blue color which I had not seen for the previous year through the normal shade of brown to brown grey. Despite that, China was one of my favorite places to live. The people are great, and the culture is pretty cool as well. The government, that is another story. It was hilarious watching these “apartment maintenance” people come and change the “batteries” on out smoke detectors every couple of weeks. We just knew not to talk about anything sensitive while near the “smoke detectors”.

  21. Dwi Says:

    10 workers to 1? 1.3 billion Chinese .vs. 1 billion Westerners if you only include the US and Europe.

  22. Yazid Says:

    “Boobs do not automatically mean NSFW. These photos are in the same realm as those in National Geographic. “I can hear the excuses being given over at HR right now…

  23. Kaelin Says:

    @themastersbBoobs do not automatically mean NSFW. These photos are in the same realm as those in National Geographic.

  24. Galen Says:

    A couple NSFW images

  25. Avery Says:

    i want to see pics of fake china!

  26. Zev Says:

    @sleepyness:What does that comment prove? That we won’t be able to shelter, feed, employ 1.2 billion people if they are dropped on our doorstep overnight? I don’t get what you’re trying to say. Regardless, America’s cities were the first to industrialize and poverty ran rampant in certain isolated areas of the USA until almost 50 years ago… There is relatively zero poverty in the USA today. China is on its way, and within our lifetimes I guarantee you China will have a first world standard of living extended to at least 98% of the population. The government is right now trying to extend prosperity to the countryside through schooling and infrastructure investments. Give it time.

  27. Lajos Says:

    @lostinnowhereIf you move everyone that lives in China to the US tomorrow, the US would look like that in no time. Don’t tell me that’s not true or possible.

  28. Turner Says:

    I used to live in India for 15 yrs. This reminds of India poverty is very sad in any country.

  29. Oracle Says:

    Poor yes but hell, where do I begin…1. Took me a second to see it, how long for you? those albino slugs on his face and basket? Wtf man :( is a CHILD FFS baby??

  30. Vicki Says:

    @Ender008Honestly, I don’t know how staying with 1 family for 2 weeks and some traveling qualifies you to make a statement like that. Let’s put it this way: even if you had seen 1 million Chinese people, that constitutes less than 1/1,000 of the country’s population. I go back to visit extended family every year and if the percentage of even my family that lives in such conditions is any indication, the VAST majority of China lives just as these pictures depict. I’m talking one lightbulb houses with wildlife practically growing inside, insects everywhere, sanitation almost nonexistent. I don’t know what you mean by China as a whole; sure, the range of living conditions is quite large, but unless by “traveling” you mean stepping out of your car off the industrialized highways and taking the dirt paths (oh which there are many), you have NOT seen China. The majority of China… IS what is shown.

  31. Cahya Says:

    In the words of Chris Rock…”STOP *****!”

  32. Kagami Says:

    Ah…. ya see that? The sweet sight of progress!/sarcasm

  33. Cybele Says:

    It’s not that hard to believe since the Western part of China has always been neglected. Historically China did not include parts of the west and development is heavily concentrated along the coast and northern/central China. I know there are a lot of Chinese apologists trying to make excuses about the pictures and explaining that’s not all of China. That’s definitely true but it is also true in certain parts of China. Being originally a southern Chinese, I know there are people who are less fortunate than my family, who by Americans standards were pretty damn poor. Stop making excuses and trying to save face and do something about your own countrymen. One of the tragedies of Chinese progress is that now you have people who are rich enough to pay $300,000 USD for a license plate because it has lucky numbers and at the same time you have the situation we see in the pictures. That cannot possibly be good for a country.

  34. Jafari Says:

    I just stayed with a family in China for two weeks, plus traveling around the country after that. I can tell you from personal experience that this is nowhere near an accurate representation of China as a whole. Granted, these pictures are all real and don’t surprise me, but an incorrect picture is being painted here.I’m not discounting this article or calling it fake, just want to throw in that for the most part China is a very different place then what these pictures show.

  35. Lakia Says:

    @rheaume:, 2007

  36. Xanto Says:

    @fantasmacanino “If you think that’s what all China really looks like you’re a complete fool. If you think there’s not a single place in the U.S. where people live in similar economical characteristics, you’re kidding yourself. Go to some of the poorer neighbors of Louisiana, Alabama or Texas and you’ll see that your two-car, three-bedroom-house dream isn’t lived by everyone in the world, let alone your own country. Again, this isn’t the real China. This is complete *****. And stupidverizon is an unsensitive *****.”The difference is that in America you have the choice to leave the country and start again somewhere else.

  37. Paige Says:

    chinese don’t have color cameras or something? why so many in black and white? are these from chairman mao era or what?anyway, what’s your point? china sucks? it would be so much easier to find even sadder sights here in america to show the world. would that be an accurate reflection of the u.s. as a whole?this isn’t the ‘real china’, it’s ‘real propaganda’, though…buried as a sidenote…this is damn hot:

  38. Vlad Says:

    none the less…they are amazing photos

  39. Odakota Says:

    A lot of these images are old, this isn’t “the Real China”. This is “the Poor China”, “the Sick China”, “the War Veteran’s China”. China’s changed a lot since many of these photos were taken. For example, I live in Hong Kong and there haven’t been any trains out in ages. We’ve got the KTR / MTR, which are electric trains that operate within Hong Kong, but there aren’t any “international” train rides. Hong Kong hasn’t use any of the kinds of trains used in the Photos for decades. Plus, the famous “bicycles as far as the eye can see” photos haven’t been taken with in at least six or seven years. Everyone’s getting motorcycles or cars.It pretty much goes like this — this “Real China” may have been the “Real China” fourty years ago, but China really has changed. If you think that the billions of people living in China all ride bicycles and work in fields for thirteen hours a day, you’re misled. These photos mostly came from times when China was down on it’s luck, as in the period of the Cultural Revolution. Even in the poorest areas around, there are lots of cars and lots of motorbikes. Whilst overall income may be much lower than that of “modernized” countries, the cost of living is generally proportianately the same. It’s much like the Southern states of America. There are a hell of a lot of farmers who are living in poverty. However, to believe that China in the modern day is that of China when it was under much harsher regimes is just plain ignorant.

  40. Zain Says:

    One more thing. Look at the difference between the color and the black and white photos. The color photos are much less depressing than the black and white photos. The difference is, the color photos are poverty in modern China whilst black and white photos were poverty in Maoist Cultural Revolution China.Look at the difference between the moods of the two pictures, you’ll see what the life of the lower-class people living modern China is like.Color – — Skyscrapers — Full bowls for everyone in the family — Abundant food supply, even in the poverty-stricken villages — Cars presentThese photos are the “Real China”. Once again, they’re lower / middle class. There are a few people worse off than them, there are a few people better off than them. However, to show the black and white images complete with the title of “Real China” is just stupid. It’s like showing pictures of Russians under Stalin’s regime and saying “This is Modern Russia”.

  41. Luz Says:

    @kevin.gcThe one child rule has been slackened in many rural and urban areas.

  42. Kye Says:

    So the one child policy is only in effect in the suburbs?

  43. Galeno Says:

    How about this for the real China:

  44. Utah Says:

    They are taken in Black and White for artistic effect, not because Black and white is all that was available. The pictures are still clear and viewable.The Three Gorges refugees are pictured in black and white. The Three Gorges Dam has yet to be completed. It has been under construction for a bit over a decade now. The Dam part itself has been finished, the work in on installing the generators. The Dam has already flooded out the Yellow River behind it. So that means the villages and towns living along that river got ***** in the extreme.It’s a MAN-MADE Hurricane Katrina in terms of property loss and refugees. However, it’s also worse in that they have less infrastructure to move these people, and also these are poor villagers who got shafted. Their families have been living off that river as fishermen, now that this dam makes that unfeasable, what jobs are they qualified for now? Just more human labor. Bush took days to get to New Orleans and get them help. In comparison, at least Bush didn’t send Hurricane Katrina their way.

  45. Valerie Says:

    @dynastyIn your case you have more experience with China than I do, I’m just saying from my experience. And yeah, we did go to areas like this, and I did see it. I’m going to accept that I was wrong in my statement, I should have said “a good part of china” isn’t like this, rather than “most of”. I took it a bit far.In MY experience, this wasn’t as prevalent as you’re saying, but then again, that’s my experience. I never said that my word is the ultimate truth. I’m not all knowing, everyone has their moments of ignorance.

  46. Annabel Says:

    population projections:

  47. Wood Says:

    Those projections don’t appear to take into account that by 2050 billions that are now in poverty will be considered first world countries. Population in Asia will slow to a crawl, while they will likely continue to skyrocket in Africa.

  48. Padgett Says:

    Some of the pictures posted here are truthful (or partially). This collection of picture was shown to incite hate. It depicts the negative aspects of a nation. Such photos could be fabricated from anywhere around the world. is a pro Taiwanese, anti Chinese website. Take everything on that site with a grain of salt.

  49. Humphrey Says:

    I wonder how much worse a 20-bicycle pileup would be than the average car wreck…

  50. Irene Says:

    Well actually, we prefer Taiwan to China. The Taiwanese leadership are somewhat more human than the Chinese leadership.

  51. Cybill Says:

    And that’s a bad thing? I think it’s the Chinese government that’s hiding this. Personally, I take whatever they say with a grain of salt. The Taiwan should be a sovereign nation, but we can’t mess with China, lest we want a war.

  52. Xanti Says:

    In what way the chinese gov is hiding these? These scenes can bee seen on the national channels everyday, and China is always claiming that the country is poor and very unbalanced. Your impression on China is probably all from China threat propagandas.

  53. Ulfah Says:

    I think most of those pictures look to be far more livable than some parts of America. Only mutant idiots want to stare and giant sky scrapers. Give most of those pictures and these places are like heaven compared to New York.

  54. Yazid Says:

    Are you retarded?How the heck do you hide the activities of 1.5 billion people?

  55. Gurnam Says:

    what you said is not true. the china that i know is indeed very different from those posters the china government use for their olympic campaign. the riches are so few (percentage wise) yet they are extremely rich. playing baccarat in las vegas $5000 a session. but the majority of them is extremely poor and hoping to become rich. basically the economy expands so fast that the intellectual progress (art, humanity, quality of life) does not catch up to its materialistic progress.the future of the world will be in their hands however because just look at the kind of tough life these kids grow up, they will be far more persistent and enduring than their western counterparts.

  56. Shobha Says:

    Looks like I got dugg down by a couple of chinese government goons.

  57. Shmuel Says:

    @underWith that logic, the poorest countries in Africa should be leading the global economy. Unfortunately, the poor won’t have the same opportunities and probably won’t become much richer, particularly under a repressive, oppressive government.

  58. Hakan Says:

    “Well actually, we prefer Taiwan to China. The Taiwanese leadership are somewhat more human than the Chinese leadership.”Im supprised no one has commented on this.Look into the curruption of the Taiwanese leadership. Look at their approval ratings?Its gross. People dont like their leadership there. I’ll say it over and over. I lived in China. People there seemed to truely believe in their government. Mao screwed things up really really badly. The fact that China has already come this far is amazing.

  59. Emera Says:

    @tech42yes and no. i never heard of technology outsourcing to africa, but we all know manufacturing works outsourced to china. so these poor children will indeed compete with the same job that american’s manufacturing workers compete. that’s why we are transforming our economy from a production intensive one to service and R&D intensive one. our comparative advantage resides in our intellectual capitals

  60. Xochitl Says:

    They are definitely not fakes. Some regions of China, especially the Western (you can tell by all the red cheeks that are caused by sun and wind) provinces, will provide you with such sights.The government is trying to help the West catch up with the richer costal hubs of the East, but with the geographical challenges (and rampant corruption), it’s going to be difficult.

  61. Jovanna Says:

    @funkmachineThe US government made a deal with the mainland Chinese government against Taiwan. The US gov doesn’t officially recognize the Taiwanese gov, and Taiwanese officials aren’t allowed in the White House. Also, top US military and diplomatic officials are forbidden from visiting Taiwan in an official sense.

  62. Fidelma Says:

    Yes yes, Taiwan with democratic government = bad. China with autocratic government = good. Pro-Taiwan = bad. Pro-China = good. Are you happy now?

  63. Baby Says:

    @alrokerisfatDo you know what happens to you in China if you say you don’t like the leadership and try to organize a meeting with like-minded citizens?Do you have the faintest idea how much corruption there is in China, especially at the provincial level?

  64. Prosper Says:

    Everybody who has ever been to *rural* china will recognize that these photos are either old or don’t show what the captions want you to think. Also, the amount of bikes (people use electric bikes today), style of clothes and hair styles on many of the photos show that they are from older times, maybe even before the 1980ies. I don’t want to play down the China’s bad track regarding human rights, Taiwan, Tibet or any other issues. But caveat emptor, that photos don’t show todays China, or even yesterdays china. I think there are bigger issues with other countries in the world, no need to start the China bashing again, especially with some really old, fake photos.I for one am concerned with the recent development in my own home country, Germany, about the cuts of privacy, and steps being taken towards a police state, while China goes in the opposite direction. ( )

  65. Umed Says:

    Amen.You know some of my relatives actully asked me if there were homeless people in America. I mean i gotta give it to the americans, they invented media and they sure know how to spin it.

  66. Nella Says:

    Damn separatists! *Shakes fist*

  67. Oded Says:

    Good comments. Refreshing to see some educated posts from time to time

  68. Kylee Says:

    Regardless, there is an overpopulation problem and that’s a legitimate problem WE ALL must tackle. Or, you know, we’re *****.

  69. Damla Says:

    “Population Explosion” is the problem because of which India & China are still poor countries. If their population was smaller, they would have become developed countries by now.

  70. Edge Says:

    Population has nothing to do with wealth and development. On the side note; you can’t compare India to China. There is atleast a 20 year gap between India and China based on GDP, Human Development Index, and global influence.

  71. Woodward Says:

    Population has plenty to do with it. I speak a little bit of Chinese and of Chinese and population and size definitely affect wealth and overall development. Ask any Chinese person and they will tell you the same thing.If China were smaller they would definitely be further along.

  72. Edgardo Says:

    China is a developed nation you tard.

  73. Timber Says:

    China is still considered a member of the Global South… it’s not considered developed in the Western sense.

  74. Urvi Says:

    Is China higher than India in global influence? Yes. Also isn’t China is on the UNSC. :P

  75. Zev Says:

    Incredible. They definitly have the potential to overtake us as the world super power.

  76. Vevina Says:

    I wonder how old these pictures are. Some of them are black and white, so they might not be all that recent, although it wouldn’t surprise me if b&w cameras are all the rage in the most rural parts of the country. Heck, my grand parents only recently got into coloured pictures.A few dead bodies in one picture, in case anyone can’t stand stuff like that btw.

  77. Falan Says:

    are you retarded? never heard of b/w photography?

  78. Viveca Says:

    Granted that most photography now is colour, but a photo doesn’t have to be old to be taken in black and white. Black and white seems more classic and gives greater contrast for most subjects. I saw this exhibition in Frankfurt last year during the world cup, and the span of the photography is within the last 5 or 10 years (correct me if i’m wrong please)The other sets of the collection can be seen hereRELATIONSHIPS

  79. Osman Says:

    lotta those pictures can be dated back to maos time… things are totally different now

  80. Haines Says:

    These pics are for the most part, rather old. Life in rural China is often crappy, but in the last 10 years the standard of living has soared. Very few parts of China are still hungry. People generally have work, food and a home. The thing is, the government has done a decent job getting rural people to this point, but I have no idea how they can keep improving their lives from here. Most rural Chinese still don’t attend much more than primary school, and this is not undesired in the eyes of the govenment. China needs an uneducated underclass to propel it’s manufacturing econonmy.One givaway of the age is the scenes of mass bikes. It’s sad, but there are few places in China were you can see that many bikes riding anymore.

  81. Nuala Says:

    @Parokki:1.”Some of them are black and white, so they might not be all that recent” (sic)Congrats Parokki. Looks like we’ve got a serious candidate for most idiotic comment of the year!! I’m seriousThe best photography is black and white. Most of my photos are black and white. Also my best. And that’s film, nota bene! No digital camera can beat silver!2. “A few dead bodies in one picture, in case anyone can’t stand stuff like that btw”Just returned from a 100 year stay on fantasy island, have you? People die. People grieve over dead relatives and friends in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas (yes, the US as well).People die on the street in our civilized western world too. People die in wars. People die in accidents.Read a paper. Watch the news. That is, if you can take it..

  82. Riona Says:

    not sure why you are getting dugg down you bring up a good point

  83. Chole Says:

    I realise a lot of people are still taking black and white photos, but a VAST majority of pictures nowadays are in colour, and the headline really implies these are current pictures. It’s at the very least worth mentioning that the site is might be misleading us.I also realise people die, and am quite comfortable with the idea, but some people are jumpy as hell about seeing a few corpses, no matter how clean and natural. Just figured I’d warn those few people in case they didn’t want to spill their cereals or whatever. Of course putting a warning like that this low in the comments almost guarantees nobobody is going to read it before seeing the pictures.

  84. Yama Says:

    @parokki:”I realise a lot of people are still taking black and white photos, but a VAST majority of pictures nowadays are in colour, and the headline really implies these are current pictures. It’s at the very least worth mentioning that the site is might be misleading us.”What is your argument here?That the ratio of color to b/w photos on the site should be the same as the ratio of color to b/w pictures taken today by everybody with a 100 Euro camera?Drop the color vs b/w argument, it doesn’t prove anything.

  85. Rusti Says:

    Opium is one hell of a drug.

  86. Mhina Says:

    Opium’s “a” hell of a drug… get your quotes right

  87. Rio Says:

    fim quoting raul gomez. first said it 15 years ago. not chappelle. so shove it

  88. Xandy Says:

    coral cache

  89. X-iomania Says:

    That’s slow as hell… shame, because i’d really like to see this.

  90. Baden Says:

    Profoundly disturbing. # 33 especially. I glad they left out the slave labor camps where, when they need an organ, they pick someone, and gather it on the spot. If only we, the ordinary people of the world could get together without the corrupt middle man of our respective governments, and work as one to eliminate the poverty and despotism shown in these photos.

  91. Guri Says:

    Are you kidding? The country’s industries and economy bring upon 75% of their problems. You can’t stop the poverty in China anymore than you can stop it here.

  92. Fareeda Says:

    The Chinese government certainly helps it along by stopping people from publicizing and aiding the rural poor.

  93. Myfanwy Says:

    tech42erwhat are you talking about.China is in the process of aiding its rural citizens. You have no basis for what you said. Its obsurd. These people who you are all complaning about are 1000000x better off then they were 30 years ago. Things are getting better. They cannot be expected to totally eradicate poverty so quickly. We haven;t even eradicated poverty. The progress China has made since Mao is obsurd. Read a history book on China, find out how screwed up things use to be. Then go there and talk to the people. Their lives are so much better now with the simple introduction of electricity.

  94. Taber Says:

    delete this

  95. Jovianne Says:

    I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind being that tailor…

  96. Lunet Says:

    But then you’d be a poor Chinese woman.

  97. Valterra Says:

    I don’t get it says real China, but that’s not the real china. The real China you can’t capture in a set of photos, especially bias photos. I mean what if someone was to go to the mid-west and the south and the Ozarks and Bronx, Richmond, or south central and took photos and said that was the real America. I don’t ever see photos of the cities, not good ones. The real Shanghai, financial sector, Hangzhou, the nightlife, people actually enjoying themselves. Take a contras of that just 20years ago its a different world. Yeah there is poverty, but so do we, more so than any other industrialized nation. For a country so damn wealthy that is disgusting. Its disgusting that there are beggars, homeless, and people starving to death. The trailer parks are disgusting. Spending enough every year on war to stop world hunger 2 times over is disgusting. What China has done in the past 50 years is just amazing. I mean don’t get me wrong, i love America too, its been my home here for the past 17 years and my 2 kids were bore here. I just wish that they would take care of there own before pointing fingers at others and telling them what they are doing wrong. For a country with such high crime rate, poverty, and wanton government corruption and indulgence, telling others that they should be more like them is kind of an oxymoron

  98. Idra Says:

    @chenyu768: well said

  99. Jengo Says:

    alright, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and here is a little of what i i was walking down a side street of colombus i was a woman smoking crack with toilet paper wrapped around her in the middle of sidewalk, this was obviousely perfectly normal behavior for them, since nobody said anything or paid attention, but i was a little taken back. The amount of homeless and beggers huddling in every closed storefront was surprising, considering the numerous mercededs bmws audis and highend cars rolling by these people, as if the government and the people just don’t care and hope that these people will just die off. I see people pushing shopping carts full of trash and their belongings, i guess the trillions their government spends on war and dominating the outside world, just dont leave them much to take care of their own. Cities here are dangerous, muggings, murders, and rapes happen daily in these big cities, its so bad that kids even carry guns. I guess its ok here for people to shoot each other as long as they are poor. I’ve seen people living in parks, under freeways, and even in cardboard boxes. But i guess this is the norm in the big cities, cuz its in everyone i;ve been to. I guess this is what America is really like.

  100. Yazid Says:

    Just to prove a point!!!The Real America

  101. Prosper Says:

    @chenyu768: I go to San Fran maybe once every 5 years. I go to NYC every month.My last trip to San Fran was in Feb of this year and I was SHOCKED at how many homeless were wandering around the streets.NYC is a utopia of homeownership compared to San FranTell your city leadership to do something about it, rather than welcoming more and more homeless.

  102. Jovanna Says:

    Chenyu: homelessness on the scale that it is in America’s cities is a recent phenomenon. Many, if not most, of the homeless are either mentally ill, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or both. The USA closed down its mental health facilities under the excuse that by lockin them up these people were being denied of their rights. This coincided with the decline in support for public housing. A lot of the homeless actually like it that way.I haven’t been to San Fransisco, but I found that among the East Coast cities that Washington DC has the worst homeless problem…

  103. Augustine Says:

    That stuff is pretty moving, It makes you appreciate being in a Country like America or any other good country that diggers are from.

  104. Joyce Says:

    I found the pictures eye-opening and facinating, but I would have appreciated more background info. I wonder how accurate the captions are?

  105. Valkyrie Says:

    i can read chinese, they are quote accurate. for example, the bathroom room, it did say “female bathroom” on it. those girls were indeed wearing uniform and standard issues book bags. so were all the jobs and train pictures. (it is true that chinese people ride different train section than tourists and rich folks. rich people ride in “soft seats” while hard seats are for the majority of the peasants who pretty much are treated no better than FedEx goods in for the lottery ticket one, i have seen phenomenon like that in both china and taiwan…people wait in line for 4 hours to buy a ticket.

  106. Pahana Says:

    “while hard seats are for the majority of the peasants who pretty much are treated no better than FedEx goods in america.” Hard seats are incredibly cheap. No one is forcing these people on trains. They go themselves. We have no transportation as cheap as that. I took hard seats from Kunming to Hong Kong. Total price: $11… IT was bad though. Very cramped. But most people I talked to were happy they could visit family.

  107. Sylvia Says:

    How does one become a “street side tailor”?Seriously though… that bridge is *****’ crazy… sad.

  108. Ragni Says:

    I don’t know if you’re refering to #58, but that pic struck me the most.”58. Each day, several dozen students have to cross this bridge four times”Nobody, including the students themselves, seems to take the trouble to at least place some new planks on it. I don’t even expect them to build a proper bridge. Just some easy repairs. People are being told the government does everything for you. The government will fix our bridge. Not!

  109. Denzel Says:

    “We’re sorry. These photos have been removed.”-China

  110. Jennie Says:


  111. Rafferty Says:

    Powerful stuff.

  112. Edom Says:

    So primitive it makes Fred Flinstone’s Bedrock look like Bladerunner.

  113. Gisli Says:

    These pictures seem pretty old. There’s lots to hate about China, but these pictures ignore the great progress that has been made in recent decades. My cousin married a man who works in China 10 months of the year for an American company; her pictures she sends me look nothing like this. Granted, she lives in an ex-pat community, but she’s also done some traveling.

  114. Damita Says:

    dude i don’t think any of us forget about the progress of the china. china has an amazing economy and been made textbook example. lots business schools want to have a satellite campus there or have something to do with the china bandwagon. these photos are just showing us the other side of the china. they are not photo of hate. objects in these pictures are mostly happy, such as the school childrens, kids lying on the field, or the kid checking the license plate. for most of them that’s their way of life and they enjoy them.

  115. Humaira Says:

    I don’t think anyone denies that certain portions of China are incredibly modern and flashy and globalized. However, to think the whole country is this way is absurd. It’s also absurd to trust the Chinese government.

  116. Odelia Says:

    these pics were taken by a digital camera. Can’t be that old.

  117. Bindi Says:

    Even 5 years ago in China is old. Dates on these things would put a lot in perspective. Also, I’ve been to rural China. It’s bad, but not too many places look like these pics. These kind of images were more common more than 10 years ago.

  118. Dwight Says:

    Nobody in Beijing dresses like they the clothes the people are wearing in the black & white images. Maybe there are some backwaters like that, but even in the poorest places in China you would see some modern consumer products and clothes that look less than 20 years old. I suspect that old images are interspersed among current images in this collection.

  119. Faolan Says:

    Check out this lady’s mobile phone: that most Chinese have phones smaller than we do these days I’d say the pics are a bit dated.

  120. Kaelyn Says:

    and this is the country on the brink of becoming the next great superpower of our planet…..

  121. Shmuley Says:

    on second thought, if #44 is the norm, bring on our chinese overlords.kinda looking through them it seems like the pictures are from different time periods and the newer ones just converted to greyscale so it seems seamless, although that could very well be a false assumption. It’s amazing to me nothing ever happens over there and people are content with living like that.

  122. Kevlyn Says:

    Incredible photos.

  123. Padgett Says:


  124. Kylemore Says:

    Hmm… “Mother breastfeeding triplets.”

  125. Farah Says:

    Seems unlikely given the one-child policy.

  126. Ivi Says:

    You really can’t do anything about having triplets…. if it happens, it’s not like the government is going to come around and toss the other two off a cliff.

  127. Kevin Says:

    In China, from what I know, the single child rule only applies to the cities. In the rural environments, the government encourages you to have children.

  128. Kevork Says:

    @sleepynessNo, you are wrong.

  129. Tad Says:

    Not as bad as, “Woman pops a boner.”

  130. Myfanwy Says:

    @sleepynessActually the 1 child policy is national. There are exceptions for people such as miners (higher risk of death) who can have 2 children. Also rich people can just pay the fines/bribes and get on with it.

  131. Frida Says:

    damn. that was an eye opener to the supposed amazing progress china is making.

  132. Laine Says:

    Dood, anyone can go there. No minders. Just go and look. It’s a pretty normal place. The people are friendly and the manners are informal. The scariest part is being completely illiterate. And don’t count on learning a spoken language with a fairly complex system of rising and falling tones that are key to understanding very similar sounding words very quickly.Some of the photos in this collection look about 20 years out of date. For example, you will not find a “sea of bicycles” in the big cities. Everyone who can afford it, drives, badly. Bicycling is dangerous because drivers drive way too close.Another thing that is weird about these photos is the lack of cars. Makes you go “hmmm” about when the photos were taken.

  133. Fannie Says:

    @williamdyerHave you ever been to China? I was working in Shanghai last year, and although nothing like that sea of bicycles, there were a hell of a lot of bikes. In Beijing there are even more bikes, and in places like Zhengzhou they are the norm. Also there is nothing wrong with bikes, and more people in “western” countries should use them, if only to stop being so bl**dy fat.

  134. Oswald Says:

    There are a lot of bikes, and a lot of delivery trikes. I would have wanted to get around on a bike because it is very difficult for foreigners to drive, but it looks like many commuters have given up on bikes, and cars own the road. The cab drivers scare the crap out of me with how close they drive to bikes.

  135. Yan Says:

    Ehhh I have a hard time believing “6. Instant lottery ticket purchase line”.

  136. Fallon Says:

    Is that the blueprint the Republicans are following in their quest to turn the US middle class into a new class of wage slave?You people should visit Eastern KY, WV, Western PA, NE Ohio and you’ll get to see very similar things up close and personal.

  137. Phineas Says:

    You’re comment is inaccurate, I am in the most Eastern of Eastern KY and poverty here is far less than in those pictures, to even compare the two is completely wrong. Eastern Kentucky is nothing like what is pictured in these images.Also, I must agree with voidvector the black & white effect on these images adds to the depressing effect quite greatly.

  138. Xandy Says:

    The socialists are now trying to say they’re champions of the “Middle Class”It’s quite odd, considering it their socialist policies would be the end of the Middle Class.

  139. Chipo Says:

    I agree with Fuzz2010 – used to live in Richmond and spend time in Berea. It’s definitely “poorer” than where I live now, but it is hardly third world by any stretch – Fuzz is spot on 100%.

  140. Waldemar Says:

    So you people bitch about them not controlling population growth. that’s what the one child policy is there for. Oh wait, when someone mentions that, you bitch about that instead.

  141. Xalvadora Says:

    The pictures are only telling half the truth. They’re only focusing on the hardship and rural area folks but not the prospering cities. It’s like taking pictures of run down U.S. towns or trailer parks and label them Real America, ignoring the big cities. I know this because I’m from China and there are definitely more than what the pictures implied. @jerryparidGood observation about the site being pro-Taiwanese etc.. and to people who replied to his post.. uhm, you guys have clearly never been to China and are taking the conspiracy thing way too deeply. Please visit the country for yourself and then speak.

  142. Ketill Says:

    i have visited both the rural and prosper. i think no one on this site will think that china is not making extraordinary progress. and i don’t think you can deny the fact that the poor is still extremely poor in the rural area. so these photo are just showing the side that we rarely hear.

  143. Ieuan Says:

    yeah, the poor is still extremely poor in China. But more than half of these photos are not real. And many of them are black-and-white, which would give the viewers a bad feeling.Still, some of these must be real. I feel really sad to see these as a Chinese.

  144. Galeno Says:

    The bad part of America isn’t even close to how bad these pics are. Srsly. Don’t even compare this with america. Why can’t a chinese guy just get the balls to admit that this is a major problem in china? Stop giving pathetic excuses.

  145. Huntley Says:

    @crimsonalucard Since when did I give pathetic excuses when I was only saying that the pictures only gave half the truth about China? These problems do exist in China but so do they exist everywhere else in the world, including America (omg I’m making another comparison and more excsues)!Oh btw, I’m not a Chinese guy.

  146. Jafari Says:

    These problems are extremely hard to find in america. In fact it’s virtually non-existant.

  147. Eternity Says:

    @crimsonalucard I wish there were a minimal level of education required for posting comments.

  148. Vivian Says:

    this is pretty much true in rural china where over 50% of the population livesbut in the cities it’s much different. i’ve been to shanghai and beijing and life is better there. that’s why the population keeps on moving east.

  149. Ginny Says:

    You’ve been to Shanghai and Beijing only and yet you are giving this ‘whole picture’ esp the rural area part. Is this any logical?

  150. Xalvadora Says:

    Some interesting and eye opening images. My favorite was #26.

  151. Fannie Says:

    I always thought the real China was much cooler, that looks like rural Mexico. Sad.

  152. Laisha Says:

    The good news is that China has lower population densities than places like Italy or Switzerland. The problem is that everyone moves to the special economic areas set up by Deng Xiaoping. I would think China would have much less crowding if they spread out their population more.

  153. Ryker Says:

    I can vouch for the pictures. I spent nearly all of 2004 in China. Virtually everything outside of the big cities is third world. I would give a link to my homepage gallery, but that would be spamming.I lived in Wuhan and worked for an NGO. We spent a large amount of our time in the villages outside of the city. These pictures are most certainly the norm and not the exception for locations outside of large cities.

  154. Raghnall Says:

    I’d love to see those photos, even if other people would digg you down for posting the link.

  155. Kaida Says:

    post pics plz

  156. Yamin Says:

    I also request to see said photos of China

  157. Valora Says:

    I’ll get buried for Christian content, but who cares. Here ya go:

  158. Oran Says:

    This is totally BS. These are the worst parts of China. I can easily find cities in China that are a million times better than any city in US.

  159. Yuki Says:

    You know, just because you say something, doesn’t make it true…

  160. Osman Says:

    in my honest opinion, the best city of china is hong kong. not only it is extremely prosperous and advanced, it’s politically free and english is a common language. is HK better than any city in the US? that is a rather subjective question. I personally think HK as a city is too hot and humid, and people work really long hours there too. it has awesome food and shopping, but lack nature and recreation variety. i wish i can live there one day though, maybe if i get in morgan stanley… anyway, HK is a great city i think all of you shall my favorite cities in america are: naperville illinois, san luis obispo. metropolitans are columbus ohio, las vegas nevada, sf bay, mclean/arlington/vienna virginia

  161. Naara Says:

    “not only it is extremely prosperous and advanced, it’s politically free and english is a common language”yeah speaking english = good cityEver Been to Kunming? Hohot? Nanjing? Lijiang(world heritage site)?all very nice cities

  162. Fannie Says:

    Can you find any city in the US as bad as these pics? I’m Chinese, your blind patriotism disgusts me. This is a true and very real part of China.

  163. Xiomara Says:

    what are you talking about my blind patriotism…Im just trying to give both sides…you want bad pics of us cities okay to fully believe what people feed you is appaling

  164. Symber Says:

    “you want bad pics of us cities okay”I see a log cabin, a picture of the moon, a dead policeman’s funeral and some pictures from the 70′s.

  165. Duscha Says:

    While the pictures are obviously not 100% representative of China, I think they’re just what the photographic series purport: “humanizing china” part 1 (survival). So of course it will show pictures of people trying to survive, it’s the theme of a specific photographic series! But politics and patriotism aside, the fact is a majority of the population in China is still POOR and struggles to survive daily. No one’s doubting the country’s advances (no matter how pathetic they still seem to westerners). And I’ve been to Hong Kong, an official British colony up until 10 years ago, is still unlike the rest of China. I don’t think you can compare Hong Kong to China. I’m not partial to English speakers, there are many people in Shanghai who speak decent English; but after visiting Shanghai and Hong Kong, Hong Kong seems more civilized (not saying it’s the best at all, it still has social problems), better customer service, more western way of doing business and regards for punctuality and more responsible citizens, less spitting on the street and queue jumping. China still has catching up to do. On the other hand, Hong Kong is way too obsessed with celebrities, clothes, makeup, shallowness and trivial material things (the latest electronics, toys, trend…etc.), and I don’t see much of a culture there aside from a material one that appeals to plastic teeny boppers. And still no napkins in restaurants (wtf is up with that!?)

  166. Denver Says:

    dont click on those american pics … transvestites. sick and nsfw.

  167. Philyra Says:

    I was born in a small city in China (Hefei for those who care). Half of my relatives still live in the countryside. I visit them every few years. I can tell you that at least half of the pictures are accurate, however, they made it into black and white (or color saturated) to create a dramatic affect. If they were colored, it wouldn’t look so depressing. Many of the later pictures are depictions of tragedies. While I do agree they occur quiet often in China, majority of the population does not experience it. So I buried this as inaccurate.

  168. Galeno Says:

    Hefei is a city with more than 4 million people. The whole metropolitan area of Washington DC has a population of 8 million. You can’t call it a small city.

  169. Jennis Says:

    In China, 4m is a small city. Things are different when you have a population 4X larger, double-digit economic growth, and a population that wants to urbanize. You build BIG. American cities seem small and flat after seeing Asian cities.

  170. Haile Says:

    Hi, honey, heifei is not a small city.

  171. Galilhai Says:

    There are poor places in China. Yawn. Let’s have a look at the dilapidated ghettos in the inner cities of America, or say New Orleans, which is still FUBAR? There are plenty of poor places in America too. Of course I never claimed that China is as developed or rich as America, that would be utterly false. But to claim that China is backward due to a few poor areas is a very poor claim, because one could claim the same about the US based on a few pictures of New Orleans.

  172. Paco Says:

    no just NOLA, but also places like englewood chicago…just google it, it’s incredible.

  173. Zeppelin Says:

    Why does everything have to be America vs China? Are there hundreds of millions of people – more people than are in the United States living like this in China? Yes. Does it matter? Yes.

  174. Sabrina Says:

    Ha your main example of a ***** up city is New Orleans which got completely destroyed by a hurricane just a few years ago? The improvement the city has made since Katrina should be a testament to living in America, if anything. I’m not saying there aren’t poor areas in the United States, but they are very rare. Nobody is here pumping up the U.S., so I don’t know why all the pro-China people are trying to make this a competitive thing. China has made great progress in the last few decades, these pictures simply remind everyone that there is still a long ways to go,

  175. Oda Says:

    It is not real China.I come from China and has been live in US for 3 years.People live in Western country need to understand China has 1.3 billion people. China has to grow with its own way. The modified Communism might be the best way for now. For the pictures, it is true. However personally I only saw less than 10% of these pictures in the real world in China for my life. It is not real China!

  176. Hunter Says:

    “For the pictures, it is true. However personally I only saw less than 10% of these pictures in the real world in China for my life. It is not real China!”The fact that you are in America right now is testament to your not living in total poverty in China. It seems as if alot of the people who post here lived in the large cities and had little contact with the rural classes. That would be like someone living in an Atlanta suburb commenting about conditions in West Virginia.

  177. Xin qian Says:

    Another thing is that these pics are really old. Most of them were taken before 20 years ago.

  178. Cagney Says:

    This collection of photos are fairly biased. I can show you 60 black and white pictures of poverty in the U.S. which are easily as heartbreaking, but that does not mean it’s representative of the nation as a whole. I spent my summer traveling in China, not only in the cities, but along the border towns near Vietnam. Yes I have to agree there is poverty, but it is not as rampant as these photos portray it to be.

  179. Cagney Says:

    I’m British and worked in China for 2 1/2 years, both in big cities and smaller towns. The ‘real China’ is not being shown in those images, that’s the poor, the downtrodden, even old China. Blatant propaganda. China’s large cities are the fastest growing and most exciting areas in the world. They look like modern Western cities except on a vast scale. Imagine Shanghai in 20 years when it has 50 million people, making New York and London look like backward towns. China’s the future.

  180. Caia Says:

    I went to China for a week. I saw beggars with limbs chopped off begging for money in the middle of shanghai. In HanZhou I saw a legless kid on a waggon using his hands to drag himself. This wasn’t even in the rural part of china. Heck I went to the shanghai zoo, and I saw a kid taking a ***** next to a tree, (perfectly normal behavior in their terms). China has properties of a modern culture but third world aspects still infest even the biggest metropolis. Try to get any native born chinese guy living abroad to admit this and you’ll hear a bunch of pathetic excuses come pouring out. They can’t even take a neutral view and address some big issues their country faces.I’ll admit China is booming like never before, but these photos illustrate a truth you shouldn’t deny.

  181. Philena Says:

    No.I’m Chinese born, and I certainly don’t consider ***** next to a tree perfectly normal behaviour.In fact, while we’re generalising, I went to America, and noticed that being fat and racist is perfectly normal behaviour.Of course, that’s not true, but how else can you see your own stupidity?

  182. Nuha Says:

    dude there’s always beggars. have you been to any other countries? beggars love to beg. fail.

  183. Victorin Says:

    @crimsonalucardWow that was the most ignorant comment I’ve ever heard. Spending a week in China hardly qualifies you as an expert on Chinese customs and such. Chinese people don’t normally ***** on a tree like you stated. The kid needed to take a ***** real bad, so he probably shat on the tree out of necessity. I’ve seen an American drunk take a crap on a dude’s lawn, does it mean all Americans ***** on lawns. The answer is no. Stop your racist generalizations. I’ve also seen Vietnam War amputees who yell at imaginary people and beg for money at my gas station. What’s the difference?

  184. Neil Says:

    Let me guess. You’re British of Chinese ethnicity

  185. Odeda Says:

    Wait a minute….poverty in China? Hardships in China? What gives?? The news media for years has been saying how “progressive”China is. How their form of government (COMMUNISM) is the wave of the future. You mean our news media lies?

  186. Durriyah Says:

    TO LOSTINNOWHEREno hungry people in America? You’ve been to every corner and didn’t see it? No poverty?umm Go walk down SF any corner, pick a corner. And try LA, NYC, Chicago, or even sacramento, fresno, san jose. homeless everywhere. Soup kitchens, shelters, and breadlines, those people there aren’t there for the fine dinning or the excellant service.

  187. Girolamo Says:

    china is about as communist as we are democratic. take a political science class and you’ll get it. And those who really think China is communist, seriously, think about what you are saying.

  188. Annabel Says:

    Chinese people need to open there eyes. Every ABC I know thinks that China is the new power house and getting ready to take over the world economically. It’s delusional patriotism at best. These albums show the true nature of China and what seperates china from top tier economies like america, britain, or japan. Chinese people need to admit and address some serious faults in thier country.

  189. Cuthbert Says:

    Heh when you have 1.2~ billion, it takes time. Look at India, there are a LOT of slums that are WORSE than the pictures in the link, and that place is democratic.

  190. Ulan Says:

    Of course it takes time. But all this progressive ***** needs to be toned down. China still has some serious problems.

  191. Falk Says:

    “Heh when you have 1.2~ billion, it takes time.”The point is, thats fine. But please stop making excuses for the poverty and actually acknowledge it – like the Chinese government will not. Stop making everything US vs China. Its almost as if this thread has become a vouch for China thread. As was said earlier there are over 1 billion people in China – this type of poverty should be expected.

  192. Zaila Says:

    these top tier economies you are talking about were like that a hundred years ago. It will take China less than that to catch up.

  193. Pahukumaa Says:

    China is not allowing itself to die out. The people are oppressed by a government that views most of them in the same way they would view an animal. People are subjected to living like beasts of burden, with ***** wages, and kept in the dark on almost everything. There was a show on PBS a few weeks ago called China Blue [0] about a young chinese girl working in a blue jean factory. ***** appaling. Besides the conditions people live in there, you have the pollution problem. See the pics below. That brown sludge in the pics is the ocean [1]. The brown sludge in the air is pollution.[0] –[1],117.004566&spn=0.103333,0.130291&t=k&om=1,117.004566&spn=0.103333,0.130291&t=k&om=1,117.004566&spn=0.103333,0.130291&t=k&om=1

  194. Istas Says:

    With any real industrial revolution really comes pollution, the US had it, Europe had it, just wait for it to run it’s course. In 30-50 years, China will be like a big Japan and probably more powerful than the US.

  195. Avice Says:

    this stuff is appalling now to your standard of living, its an industrialization period, every developing country had one and it looks like this, US had one and so did europe and it didnt look much different from this

  196. Madan Says:

    thats not pollution, thats a farming area, so lots of silt is gonna be lifted and deposited,-90.414047&sspn=0.105778,0.160675&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=13&ll=29.325917,-90.434132&spn=0.105811,0.160675&t=k&om=1Mississippi river delta, brown & murky doesn’t mean its pollution

  197. Odeda Says:

    Ehhh its just silt, sediment deposists, etc.Louisiana:,-91.328316&spn=0.210844,0.32135&t=k&om=1&iwloc=addr

  198. Wilmer Says:

    haha buried for ignorance

  199. Kaif Says:

    China regardless of their growing economy is a 3rd world country. They have a small population of people who can actually read and work in decent jobs.

  200. Guitain Says:

    Actually it’s a second world country. Do you even know what third world country means?

  201. Udell Says:

    I think he belongs with that larger group that cannot read and work in decent jobs….

  202. Walidah Says:

    wow, this is embarrassing. Nice move at making me feel uneducated and uncultured for living on the same continent as you

  203. Iram Says:

    Where do they show the peasants harvesting noodles from the spaghetti trees?At least half of these pictures have inaccurate titles; inaccurate, but amusing.

  204. Kesler Says:

    So much ignorance on here… Go and see the place for yourself.

  205. Dennis Says:

    No, I’d rather they stay where they are… I don’t want to see them here…

  206. Maddox Says:

    No thanks. I prefer personal freedom to poverty and pollution.

  207. Damek Says:

    freedom to be ignorant. haha. freedom to be controlled by the media :)

  208. Yu jie Says:

    I think you are a fool man…

  209. Myfanwy Says:

    Most of the pictures are old and the captions are ridiculous. I live in China.

  210. Idra Says:

    Why don’t you do something about your oppressive government, Mr. Chinese citizen? The rest of humanity would thank you for it.

  211. Yamka Says:

    Why don’t you do the same about your invasive government, Mr. US citizen? The rest of the free world would thank you for it too.

  212. Zulimar Says:

    @fantasmacaninoI live in Alabama (don’t get me wrong, I hate it here) but it’s not bad. I have a 3 story house with 4 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. Most houses are the same, at least where I live.

  213. Kynan Says:

    yeah but what happens when you frive in to the country side of alabama? outside of your 6bd 4ba neighborhood? run down shacks with rednecks sitting on porches and arguing about who makes the strongest moonshine?

  214. Musetta Says:

    Beautiful and sad.

  215. Fidel Says:

    Great pictures..

  216. Dallon Says:

    thanks for the honnesty Contrary to these photos the biggest problem China is facing is the growing migrant labor forces in the cities. Anyone who is educated in the countryside leaves. Its brain drain. Until China can find a way to keep those with tallents around in the country side, they will have a huge problem. Also, the large migrant labor forces do not have the same rights in the cities they work in. Their children cannot attend public schools. They send all their money back to the country side but it doesnt make much off a difference. These migrant laborers must be paid more and must be given full rights of city folks

  217. Jens Says:

    Here is a better set of photos of the ‘real’ China:

  218. Itotia Says:

    Why are the pictures only black and white?

  219. Kagami Says:

    because a self-respecting picture *is* black and white

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