The difference between hotels and motels in Rio de Janeiro

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Anybody who is unfamiliar with travel in Rio de Janeiro should learn about some significant things when you are on your vacation. One crucial lesson to take note of is the distinction between hotels and motels as it pertains to Brazil. From an American viewpoint, you likely would think that the real difference is price and quality of these kind of rentals and you may keep this strategy for some time as you stroll the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. But you will soon see that to Brazilians, there is a difference. A big difference.

What exactly is this difference you ask? Well, to put it blunt and basic, hotels are for slumber and motels are for having sex. There really isn’t any other way to put it and this is a easy fact in Rio de Janeiro as well as the rest of Brazil. So should you be taking a holiday here, it’s really something that you should know about. If you’re sipping that martini in a quaint little bar of Copacabana or Ipanema and an individual mentions a motel, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about

One may be questioning as to why this is. While in the United States, motels are normally rest stops for vacationers who are looking for affordable quarters for the night. Just a place to sleep. In Brazil, you need to look at things from a cultural standpoint. Most people live in close quarters. It’s not normal for Brazilians to have their own apartments, rentals or flats. Usually people can’t afford these kind of accommodations alone, so it’s very usual to live with their families.

Now this may change after awhile as Brazil becomes economically more important. As apartments and flats are popping up all over Rio. But then again, that’s doubtful since this concept is so imbedded in the culture. Privacy is certainly something scarce. Usually people in Brazil who are travelling on business are going to gravitate toward hotels anyway. Though, as infrastructure becomes more enhanced, you may have more people who have lower budgets. This lower middle class will likely be the kind that may take advantage of motels as a more cost-effective alternative and lead to a cultural shift.

Nevertheless, right now, during the time of this writing hotels mean sleeping and motels mean having sex. Simple enough right? Shouldn’t be any more errors as to the function of this type of real estate. Hopefully this has settled some misunderstandings to anyone who might be coming to Rio de Janeiro and help them avoid a potentially unpleasant situation of which accommodations to use. But then again, perhaps you should look at some apartments instead.

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