The Alexandria Tour to Remember

Of the many cities in Egypt, the Alexandria Tours are one of the most sought after by a number of tourists because of its historical jewels. With the number of activities and sites you can you visit here, you will never run out of things to do while in Alexandria. Alexander the Great is the founder of this place and it is home to Ptolemies and the well-known lighthouse. Know the roots of Cleopatra through visiting this place.

The lost library is one of the spots frequented by visitors while at this place. Service here is the greatest and bigges that is found in Egypt. If you plan to be in Alexandria Shore Excursions, you are bound to learn a lot about the great history of the Egyptians and surely of the numerous locations in Egypt, there is so much activity set up for you.

Alexandria tours are usually done by foot, by private car, or you can choose to use the city’s trolley system. This ride is famous among tourist. Your  Alexandria Egypt Vacations is not complete without getting the chance to ride this .

It was in the eighteen hundreds that the use of this car began, and of the whole African continent, it is the oldest. There is a color coding used for visitors to know whether to ride or not.

To get the best of the city, most Alexandria tours allow the visitors to experience the historical landmarks in the city. Bibliotheca Alexandria is one of the most visited. This restructured, modern library was made on top of the main site of the ancient Library of Alexandria.

To further excite you on the trip, Roman catacombs are part of the trip. Egyptians and Romans were buried here. Another interesting site is the Roman Theater. This location was built two thousand years ago.

Once you are on this trip, you will have the chance to visit the Quait Bey. Due to the frequent attacks to the city, this fortress was made and use as a defense system against the invader’s attack. The last khedive of Egypt which is the Montaza Palace was made in the 1800s.

There are numerous religions being practiced in Alexandria . Since this is the case, there are a number of beautiful mosques, Coptic churches, and some Greek Orthodox infrastructures found here. You will be able to explore these areas once you travel in Alexandria.

Enjoyment is something you are assured of once you decide to visit this great city. Alexandria tours will allow you to see Egypt in another likeness. Discover the wonderful treasures it has to offer you. Enjoy what you can see and experience in your Alexandria travel. 

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