X Marks the Spot

If you’re doing an A-Z Challenge and your focus is family travel, it’s almost impossible to find a term more fitting for the letter “x” than “X marks the spot”. Treasure maps and quest maps seem to be made for children and the adventurous at heart View original here:  X Marks the Spot  Mail this post Technorati...  Read More »

Touristy Attractions

Iconic sites and touristy attractions are the Three O’s: Overrated, Overseen, and Overwritten about I have no problem visiting overrated, overseen, and overwritten about sites – or as I’ll refer to them, the “three Os”. See more here:  Touristy Attractions  Mail this post Technorati Tags: attractions, facebook,...  Read More »

Nail clippers and packing lists

I love reading about packing for a trip. Here is the original post:  Nail clippers and packing lists  Mail this post Technorati Tags: family, printables, project, thoughts, travel-advice, travel-turtle, trip  Read More →

Even the Rijksmuseum is child friendly

Last week I found myself in Amsterdam aching to go to the Rijksmuseum. Original post:  Even the Rijksmuseum is child friendly  Mail this post Technorati Tags: ann, january-10, museum kaart, museums, Music, netherlands, rijksmuseum, thoughts, travel, Travel Advice, trip, Writing  Read More →

The Secret to Travel Bargains: Part 1

Friends and family often ask me how to get the best deals on their travel. People think that because I am in the travel industry I have some secret password or handshake that I use to acquire the “deal” or “bargains” that I find when I travel. I am going to now reveal my magical secret, the same secret that I tell those very same family and...  Read More »