How To Get Excellent Canoe Rentals Nashville Has

Paddling is a perfect way of relieving your stress and sightseeing at the same time. This is because paddlers can easily explore the inlets, hidden coves and shorelines that most boats cannot even get close to. In addition, you can rent the vessels cheaply without straining your pockets. These tips will help you choose excellent canoe rentals Nashville...  Read More »

Neuschwanstein’s big surprise

If you’re familiar with the area around the Disney World Resort in Orlando (I-drive, 192…), you’re familiar with tacky tourism souvenir shops, chain restaurants, mega hotels, and heavy traffic. You’re probably also very familiar with this – Disney’s iconic Cinderella Castle. Originally posted here:  Neuschwanstein’s...  Read More »

Annual Vacations Should Include Holidays In Madeira

When searching for vacation ideas, give some though about holidays in Madeira. Located in Portugal, Madeira is a cluster of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago was discovered around 1419 by Portuguese explorers lead by Infante Dom Henrique or Henry the Navigator. There were no native inhabitants at this time, so Portuguese farmers settled...  Read More »

Leucadia – Not Just For Hippies And Surfers

Leucadia is an artsy beachside community within the picturesque South California beach community of Encinitas. At one time it was a mecca for surfers and hippies alike; remnants of the 1960′s era are still very much in evidence. Where else can you see tie-dye T-shirts, eclectic lawn art, cigar store Indians, hippie love beads and surfboard mailboxes? Settled...  Read More »

Sailing Through Neptune’s Bellows Antarctica

The entrance into Deception Island was full of marvel and wonder. It really was like a James Bond film scene. Even standing on deck waiting to pass through a narrow passage known as “Neptune’s Bellows” you could sense the mist of intrigue in the air. It was cold and chilly on deck and a wee bit windy. A brave crowd had gathered on...  Read More »