Places and Things

I’ve been obsessing about places and things a lot lately. Incorporating the things I look up, which makes me click to read more, and click to read more, and click… into ways to remember some of the interesting facts about specific places I want to go sometime Read the original here:  Places and Things  Mail this post Technorati...  Read More »

Exciting Holiday in Zambia

Zambia is no doubt a hot favorite destination for those who love to go on an African safari. The country offers unseen natural beauty and natural wilderness in specific areas, providing diversity of gaming activities, wild & bird life and game fishing. If you have not visited the country, you are in a complete loss. Zambia has some of the astonishing...  Read More »

Gay travel package

Often we desire for a welcome break from the hustles and bustles of crowded city life and we decide to plan a tour. For the gay people, there remain a wide range of travel options and the trip plans are tailored in such a way that these trips provide complete refreshment. It is necessary to select the trip properly as selection of any improper trip...  Read More »

Guide To a Sailing Vacation in Sweden

Located in the northern part of Europe, Sweden is closest to the Gulf of Bothnia, as well as the Baltic Sea. Because of this, the country boasts of an impressive long coastline, which provides some of the most interesting archipelagoes for sailing in the world. Most of all, the seas and other bodies of water offer visitors the ability to enjoy sailing...  Read More »

The Coral Reefs of Jamaica – History and Interesting Facts

Jamaica is a premier destination for vacationers looking for a little fun in the sun, and this country’s coral reef is a spectacular site that thousands view every year. Unfortunately, these coral reefs could be in danger. Learning a bit about the history of Jamaica’s coral reefs can help to show you why it is so important to save them....  Read More »