The Secret to getting a Travel Bargain: Part 3

Congratulations on all of the fabulous deals you have acquired so far for your vacation! By now you have saved a significant amount of money and will be able to use that hard earned cash for bigger and better attractions, nicer restaurants, or if you are like me, you can tuck it away for a future vacation in the not so distant future! When it comes...  Read More »

The Secret to getting a Travel Bargain: Part 2

So now you have your airfare held, or at least have dates in mind that will save you money, so you can start on your hotel. Go to one of the major websites and input your dates and then do an extended search for the amenities you need or want at your hotel such as breakfast, a pool, fitness center, etc. DO NOT BOOK FROM THESE WEBSITES! Get the names...  Read More »

Hostels in Amsterdam – An Affordable, Safe and Comfortable Choice of Accommodation

When speaking of European capitals, Amsterdam is among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Aside from being the city of free spirits that everyone is attracted to, Amsterdam is also a city of rich culture and traditions. It is probably this mixture of old and new that attracts so many people of all ages to this beautiful city. Amsterdam...  Read More »

Hostels in Amsterdam – The Number One Choice for Young People

Traveling around Europe can be a truly unique experience. In fact, I don’t think there are many people who would pass out on the opportunity to travel all over Europe and see all the beautiful countries and cities that they hear so much about. I’m sure that even those who have had such an experience would like to relive it. The only problem is that...  Read More »

Interactive World Atlas – Okapiland Map

We have launched an interactive world atlas, where information on World Heritage and Ecotourism can be seen on map. Okapiland Map is a web 2.0 application, and provides you new type of world tour navigation. The sites of each country or region are listed in a sidebar, and you can move to a site selected among the list. Not only the sites, but also you...  Read More »