Hawaii’s Volcanoes: A Majorly Sizzling Date

When people visualize Hawaii, most people see relaxed islands in addition to gentle seas. While this is correct, it’s not all that gorgeous Hawaii has to offer. For individuals of a far more lively persuasion, you have the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or HAVO. The park is substantial, made up of a couple of fairly lively volcanoes...  Read More »

North Shore Oahu Has It All, Including Vacation Rentals

Twenty miles of stellar coastline, righteous surfing conditions, and some of the finest scenery and frivolities that Hawaii has to offer make Oahu’s North Shore the place to go for a delicious taste of paradise by the sea. October through February offers up waves of extreme heights. In fact, they’re big enough to attract surfers from all over the...  Read More »

Vacationing in Kihei Maui

Created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions, the Hawaiian island of Maui is the perfect exotic paradise for vacationers to explore the unknown, relax in paradise and enjoy complete rejuvenation. Located just west of Haleakala, the dormant volcanic mountain known by locals as the “house of the sun,” the city of Kihei provides vacationers...  Read More »

World Travel Destinations – Explore More

Nothing is more charming for a jetsetter than an opportunity to take a spin around the globe and visit wonderful world travel destinations. A popular theme for cheap world tours is to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Many tour operators organize such theme based cheap world tours. Nowadays one really does not need heaps and heaps of money to indulge...  Read More »

Timeshare takes off as Hotel occupancy drops

Timeshare takes off as Hotel occupancy drops A recent Reuters news article reports that hotel occupancy in the USA is down in some top holiday spots – not for lack of visitors, but because more people are choosing to invest in permanent holiday accommodation like property and timeshares in their favourite destinations. According to Peter Yesawich,...  Read More »