What BMX is all about

Simply put, BMX riding is one of the most popular extreme sports nowadays. BMX involves specially designed bicycles crafted for the sole purpose of being resistant while simultaneously giving the rider the ability to maneuver them with great ease. Of course, this doesn’t mean that BMX is an easy form of cycling; in fact, it’s one of the hardest...  Read More »

GT versus Mongoose

When it comes to 2 giants crashing then the results are not only unexpected but it’s also true that everybody is on the lookout to see who‘s going to smash whom! In the battle of BMX bikes, GT and Mongoose are certainly two of the most respected manufacturers on the field; but… who prevails? Well, although it’s almost impossible to judge, through...  Read More »

BMX extreme bicycle design

Needless to say that at the very beginning of the BMX racing / riding era there were no bikes constructed quite like the BMX Bike . Usually, kids would simply modify their Schwinn Sting Ray bicycles by adding knobby tires and motocross handlebars. Additionally, they would modify the frames in order to gain performance, stability and strength. Later...  Read More »

Family Fun and Finery on Oregon’s Coast

It’s a place of incredible romantic possibilities, with unbelievably pristine beaches and rugged shorelines, and plenty of hidden spots perfecting for long walks hand-in-hand, finding yourselves all alone. With such gushiness-inducing qualities, it’s no surprise you’ll soon wind up reproducing. Lucky you. Oregon’s coast is perfect...  Read More »

How to travel carbon light – 3 steps to lowering your travel carbon emissions

We should all be concerned with Global Warming and each do what we can to reduce the amount of CO2 released into our atmosphere. There are three steps you can use to lower your impact while traveling; using carbon offsets for travel to your destination, choosing carbon light accommodations, and paying attention to how you move about your destination. Air...  Read More »