Kampong Ayer, Venice Of Asia In Brunei

Well you’ve heard the phrase “The Venice of Asia” a lot of times, you might even have read about it twice on my blog when I visited Tai O (Hong Kong’s Venice) and Pingjianglu in Suzhou (China’s Venice). A lot of places get given this Venice of Asia moniker and today it’s all about Kampong Ayer in Bandar Seri Begawan,...  Read More »

How To Use The Internet While Studying Abroad

As a college student, could you ever imagine your life without the internet? How would you write and print out your papers, instantly talk to your friends at other college campuses and send emails to your parents to update them about your health? The world would be a much smaller and complicated place without internet access. The internet links you...  Read More »

Where Is Dubai Headed From Here On?

Dubai, the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates has awed the world with marvelous constructions, an exploding economy, Guinness records, and its ever growing desire of magnificence. But what now? With so many projects already in process, what else can Dubai offer to people seeking to reside within its breathtaking environment? The answer...  Read More »

Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Scotland’s main air hub Edinburgh International Airport (EDI) can be found about eight miles of the city. The airport has one terminal, which operates services to significant centres throughout Great Britain, America, Europe, and Asia. All international and national arrivals are positioned on the ground floor, while outlets and dining establishments...  Read More »

World Travel Destinations – Explore More

Nothing is more charming for a jetsetter than an opportunity to take a spin around the globe and visit wonderful world travel destinations. A popular theme for cheap world tours is to visit the Seven Wonders of the World. Many tour operators organize such theme based cheap world tours. Nowadays one really does not need heaps and heaps of money to indulge...  Read More »