Spring Break Survival Guide

Welcome to spring break. It is the perfect time for students to go out and travel.

Don’t allow yourself to be the butt of jokes for missing spring break – you can go skiing at Vail or Aspen, Colorado, shop at New York City, or head to Florida or Cancun and enjoy the sun and surf – there’s everything for every student wanting to take a week off before preparing for their finals.

Why not find a good way to cut down on travel costs? Be resourceful in travelling cheap – you can either purchase airline tickets through special deals, or travel via car and go on a good old-fashioned road trip with the gang.

Flying Cheap

Your after-school job may be making you some good dough every now and then, but you still would need cheap airline tickets if you want to fly on a student budget. There are three main options if you want to score a cheap flight.

Funds From Friends And Family
Parents, friends, and other relatives can be of help if you need to go on a cheap flight, sometimes through cash donations, but often through future travel vouchers that are close to expiring.

Membership Programs And Flight Rewards
Costs for your flight or vacation package could be dramatically slashed if you are a member of a club like AAA or have some sort of discount or mileage program you are a member of.

Last Minute Flights Can Be Cheaper
It may not always work, but it’s worth a shot if you try scoring a last minute flight, which is almost always cheaper when it comes to plane tickets.

Driving Off To Spring Break

If you’d rather not fly, you can go on a road trip via car, but take note of this mini-survival guide for your road adventure.

Everyone Pays For Gas
Road trips shouldn’t cost a big chunk of gas money given the low prices these days, but even so, you need to establish a payment system in which everyone pays their fair share of gassing up for the trip.

Get Stocked On Snack Food
Go to the grocery before the trip or just as the trip is starting – pool everyone’s resources and buy just enough food – lots of it, to be safe – to last the entire journey. You can also stock up on ready-made road food like sandwiches.

Ready Your Car For The Road Trip
Many believe that the best road trips are those done on impulse, but you need to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape to avoid repair expenses and other inconveniences. Drop by your local service station to change your oil and have your tire’s pressure and tread checked. Top it off by bringing an emergency car repair kit and/or spare tire.

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