Self Catering in Scarborough – Great way to occupy the kids

Need something to occupy the kids whilst self catering in Scarborough? Why not check out the local skate park Hairy Bobs for a great way for your child to meet new friends on holiday.

The skate park which just celebrated it’s one year anniversary where hundreds of teen’s skated, saw live bands and won trophies for best performances in what was called a jamiversary.

The £500,000 skate park is ideal for you’re son or daughter who need entertaining on your self catering in Scarborough, the park entertains rollerbladers, bmxer’s and skateboarders and anyone wanting to come and try it out or just have a laugh and meet new people. 

The man who helped build the skate park with Scarborough Borough Council Steve Asquith said.

‘We’ve just passed the one year anniversary and were really happy with the park, it’s popular and people use it regularly.’

‘Feedback that we get from rollerbladers, skateboarders and bmxer’s has all been positive stuff and there are a lot of features that aren’t in any other parks in the country.’ ~ ‘There are a lot of features that aren’t in any other parks in the country the feed back we’ve had from bladders and boarders has been immense.’~ We’ve had amazing feedback from bladders, boarders and bmxer’s they say there are loads of features that aren’t anywhere else in the country.’}

  ‘ If you want to witness one of the best skate parks Yorkshire has to offer, come down the facilities are great so if you’re self catering in Scarborough or staying in a hotel bring the children down and check it out.

The Jamiversary which had skateboarders and bladers eyeing prizes of £100 took place on the 22nd of August and was a huge success amongst locals and tourists.

Connor Robshaw 13 of Seamer Road feels the park is a great place to improve your skills.

‘I like the fact that it has the bowl and a lot of jumps which you can test our skills on. It has really helped me improve because when I first started using the park i couldn’t do half the things I can do now.’

It really is a great day out for the kids, to skate, hang out and meet new friends, if you’re self catering in Scarborough and stuck for ideas on how to entertain you’re teenagers the skate park is ideal to keep them occupied.




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