Secrets Of How To Play Jazz Piano

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For one to know how to play jazz piano, you should understand all its basics in terms of how it used to be like in the beginning and how it has developed with time. You need to understand the way the scales have been used both in the early and the new genre of this music. Thus learning the basic stuff will go along way into helping you gain the necessary skills.

presently there are both early great and new jazz recordings that you should at least buy. Take time and listen as they play out their tunes and take notes on how they are doing their stuff. Whatever you learn from listening to them, apply it to your own playing as well.

To help you identify the different sounds, highly recommended that you make a point of learning all the twelve major sounding scales. Read various genres of music and try playing them out. As you do so, find a songbook on this genre of music so as to help you with your learning process.

Keep in mind that we have different scales even though some may appear like they are the same. Your main focus should thus be to get to understand how to distinguish the various scales. Once you are comfortable with that, you can then proceed into taking your songbook and try it out.

Do not lose hope when after learning, it still sounds awful as you can only perfect this act with practice over time. Get to really know and differentiate the various sounds and their meaning. Do this each time according to your practice hours and make sure that each time you learn about a scale, you experiment with it.

Get to learn more on the various modes and different scales. Remember to always listen to other greats related to this genre as they do their thing. In the process, as they do so you too need to try out what they are doing and that is how you will perfect your skill at this.

Learning how to play jazz piano requires both time and dedication. Ensure you not only concentrate more on the various scales but also how to distinguish them for you to produce the right sound. Remember knowledge without practice is of no use, thus much as you have mastered all the scales, ensure to put them into practice as this will eventually make you an excellent pianist in this genre of music.

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