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Like, love or hate them, footwear that is thigh-high are having a fashion moment. Knee high boots are popular in the street stores as the first blush of fashion for the new season.

Wearing Knee High Boots

Generally, the Knee high boots are worn beneath the kneecap.  These can be worn with trousers like guys in western boots do. Another variation is to shoe them off with a short skirt and over stockings. There are endless colors and unique styles.  Women might be advised to shop for the knee high boot version first and then the rest of their boot ensemble.

The women’s knee high boot can be fashioned from synthetic rubber, vinyl, leather or any material from the polyvinyl carbonate family. The boots can be kept glossy for a party touch or plain for everyday wear.

They have various fastening devices for fastening. They can be buckled, zipped, braided, laced or simply put on over your stockings.. For heel types are similar to those found on popular shoes: stilettos and the platform heels, boots with flat heels, chunky heels, vertiginous heels or even in-between or lesser lifts.

Generally speaking, knee high boots can be worn for not only work but after hours. Gals who have to work outdoors a lot can wear them for protection and can double as ladies hiking boots . These boots are quite functional to wear all year.

Feeling great in high footwear comes in so many heel heights and styles that there is something for all tastes from sexy to sporty.

Wearing Thigh-High Boots

Considering the gamut over-the-knee boots look great over leggings or skinny-legged jeans they are also worn with new mini length dresses. In order to give them balance choose a flat or chunky heel or for a more classy look wear them with a knitted dress.

Wear these boots with tights or stocking rather than slipping them on. These boots have a tendency to slip down off the thigh a bit but this gives them a more relaxed slouchy, cockled look.

Purchasing shoes or boosts for the best deals and greatest inventory or styles can all be done through the internet. From mens dress shoes to hiking boots for women, you’ll save money and travel wear and tear when you shop the internet for top deals.

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