Scottish Island Vacations And Harris

Are you and your family pondering about taking a holiday in Great Britain? Despite the fact that the largest numbers of tourists taking a vacation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain decide to stay in popular destinations such as London, other tourists would rather visit places such as Scotland. In the article below I talk about the Isle of Harris and the factors which make it such an excellent vacation destination.

Though London may have some of the greatest galleries and museums in the United Kingdom  and some of the finest attractions  the capital city of England will not appeal to all types of people.

Some people prefer more relaxing vacations while other people prefer more action packed vacations for example sports vacations. Strangely the island of Harris, in Scotland’s Western Isles, is superb for both types of tourist.

Like a great many others sun bathing on the beach for all of my summer vacation does not excite me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a relaxing visit to a beach, and the Isle of Harris definitely features some of the most breathtaking beaches in Scotland (and the United Kingdom), however, I also like to travel a little inland too. I really like to spend time just soaking in the atmosphere of the place, I also like to experience the local food and culture. If the truth is to be known each year I enjoy visiting new places and I I spend a great deal of time attempting to discover something or somewhere wholly unique and different. This is the most probable reason why I enjoy visiting the Hebridean island named the Isle of Harris and why I often choose to stay in a self catering house on Harris.

One of the main reasons folk travel to the Isle of Harris is to enjoy the islands culture and landscape. The Isle of Harris culture has, through the generations been incredibly influenced by the English, Scottish, Celtic and Norse races. Today the vast majority of folk speak in the Gaelic language and although many talk in English, it is more often than not their second language. The Harris people are amongst the friendliest on earth and the hospitality is world renowned. The people of Harris are very proud of the amazingly beautiful Harris countryside and try very hard to keep the place clean and tidy so it is crucially important to clear up any of your litter.

It is incredibly important to remember that discarded litter doesn’t just make the island appear a mess it is also highly dangerous to wild creatures.

A further vital point to Keep in mind is that the roads on the Isle of Harris are completely different to those found on the Scottish mainland in some areas you will need to traverse single track roads and you will need to know how to use passing places to allow oncoming traffic to pass but also to let traffic from behind to pass. Simply pull over to the left. If you are faced with a large vehicle wishing to get past and the passing place is to the right hand side of the road you can tuck yourself into it to let the said vehicle pass more easily but take great care not to drive off the edge of the road too much.

I hope that the above article interests you sufficiently in taking a short break on Harris. Large numbers of visitors the Western Isles choose to stay in two locations. There are a number of other islands to visit including Lewis, North Uist and South Uist. Why don’t you think about staying in a self catering house on the Isle if Harris for a week and then stay in a room in a North Uist hotel or a hotel on South Uist for the remainder of your holiday?

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