Scotland Golf Package – Salvaging a Bad Vacation

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 Regardless how you meticulously select a Scotland golf package, something can always go wrong with your vacation. Preparation is key, but so is having a cheerful and realistic mindset. Here are tips on how to salvage what’s left of your golf vacation.

 Scotland Golf Package – You don’t get picked up at home by the pick up service

 There’s an optional pick up vehicle sent by the golf tour company handling your Scotland golf package, to drive your to the airport, when you request one. The unexpected and the annoying can happen at the same time, and your pick up service’s vehicle gets stuck in traffic, delayed, lost, or otherwise doesn’t show up for work that day. Perhaps your co-worker or neighbour could drive you to the airport or bus station. You might as well gas up the family minivan or car, or ask your neighbour or co-worker a just-in-case favour.

 Scotland Golf Package -Errors in the accommodations

 Bad luck sometimes hits in the form of human error, like with the golf tour company making mistakes in booking your hotel arrangements. Just in case you don’t get the accommodations you paid for, it might take time for the golf tour company to rectify their errors. Meanwhile you arrive tired and expecting a restful room. Try to rest during the trip just in case you have to look for hotels yourself. You might want to settle for hotels near some golf links.

 Scotland Golf Package -Getting sick during your holiday

 It’s not a good sign when you’re feeling sick just before you take your golf holiday, since you might get more sick on the trip and during your hotel stay. Some are actually all right with getting sick where they spend their Scotland golf package, since they are at least away from work and the city hassles, even when they can’t play on the links. You may have to settle with watching golf in your hotel bedroom. At least city stress is behind you.

 When your children comes with you

 You won’t be able to spend a lot of play time on the course if you have to worry and take care of your kids. Bring a sitter to take care of your kids if you can’t leave them at home. Maybe your wife can arrange for some activities that will keep her and the kids occupied while you spend time on the links. Or maybe you may want to not bring them with you next time.

 Work calls you up to tie up some loose ends

 Prepare some auto-respond emails in anticipation of getting emailed by your office. Voicemail is nice, too. The last thing you want to think about work while meditating on your stroke.

 So, preparing to go through your Scotland golf package would include making sure that (1) the golf tour company you hire is reputable, (2) that you are willing to take alternate transportation arrangements, (3) that you are sure your family will not cause trouble if you bring them, and (4) that you are covered well-enough at work.

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