Relax in Comfort with a Portable Shooting Bench

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The portable shooting bench is just about the most useful accessory for the avid shooter there is! Using a shooting bench at a rifle range is nice, but there are so many other times that a well designed shooting bench is needed .

At the local rifle range, most of the guys on the 600 yard range lay in the prone position. which is good for accuracy. It is much better, however, to be able to sit on a clean bench and sight in on the target at ease. Also, I have a friend with some farm land in the west; he does most of his shooting when there is nobody around, and is happy to be able to set up a portable shooting bench wherever he needs to.

It is good to be able to have one that you can just put in the bed of your truck for when you have to have it. Combined with a good rifle rest or set of sand bags for your rifle, a portable shooting bench is useful for all sorts of things, like:

  • Sighting in a scope for different ammo at a specific distance.
  • Bring it on a drive to a vacant part of the ranch and practice shooting.
  • Put it on your side porch to shoot varmints.
  • Teach kids to shoot before they are strong enough to hold the rifle standing up.
  • Bring it to your favorite hunting spot so you can relax and hunt in comfort.

When you get your portable shooting bench ready to go, there are a few other things you want to make sure you bring to enjoy your time shooting. For example:

  • Ammo and extra magazines.
  • Basic toolkit with screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, and both metric and standard Allen wrenches.
  • Rifle cleaning kit with cleaner, oil, and patches.
  • Targets, target stand, and staple gun.
  • Spotting scope, binoculars, range finder.
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather, insect repellent, and sunscreen.

Go to your special shooting location with a good portable shooting bench, your rifles, a few buddies, and have a wonderful time!

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