Redefining Balinese Hinduism

It is not solely Muslims and non-Balinese who are visibly excluded or even threatened by this discourse. It also affects Balinese Hindus who do not practise the `appropriate` Hinduism as portrayed within the Bali Submit and as taught by the televangelist Hindu clergymen on Bali TV. This form of Hinduism is supported by the PHDI (Indonesian Hindu Council). Ajeg Bali is an element of a bigger movement to `sanitise`, standardise and explain Balinese Hinduism. Thus Bali TV will usually have programs explaining how offerings ought to be made and how rituals ought to be performed. There are also group and city-wide youth `praying competitions`, imposing ideas of stylised praying and the way a Balinese should and should not talk with God. Along with the standardisation of praying types and ritual exercise, ceremonial clothing has also develop into extra uniform. At present, it’s the norm to wear white for many ceremonies and black for cremation, whereas ten to 15 years in the past ceremonial clothes was way more assorted in colour. The Western colors of purity and grief have been appropriated by the PHDI, Bali TV and other ajeg Bali proponents and promoted as a form of standardising ritual and pakaian adat. Ref: Villa Sakti

Balinese Hinduism just isn’t solely going by a means of standardisation, but additionally sanitisation of ritual practices. `Inhumane` features of ceremonies and rituals, corresponding to animal sacrifice, cock fighting and even the normal apply of tooth submitting, are closely discouraged. Instead of dwell animal sacrifice, symbols or meat are used. As a substitute of a full tooth filing, Balinese are encouraged to get a less invasive, extra `symbolic` tooth filing ceremony. While animal rights groups could also be cheering about this, for many Balinese, ceremony and ritual will not be about symbols and which means but about practice. Thus, many Balinese consider that if the demons want a blood sacrifice they have to be appeased, or else they could do severe damage to the lives of those that didn’t pacify them. Ref: Villa Massilia

Ethnicity, faith, class and the final state of the economic system are all thickly intertwined in Bali, and it’s all but inconceivable to address one with out addressing the entire others, as the traces between them are sometimes blurred. Whereas Bali’s society is mostly fluid, the growing separatism and quest for clear `definitions` of group membership, practices, id and collective past and future are threatening Bali’s image as the peaceable and welcoming `island of the Gods`. In this context, pushing for a extra clearly defined and popularly supported ethnic and spiritual identity may depart not solely Balinese Muslims, but additionally some Balinese Hindus out of a homogenised, Hinduised and sanitised vision of Balinese identity. Ref: Bali Villas

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