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Patients seeking treatment at Holy Spirit Hospital in Pennsylvania get more than just help with their physical ailments. This is Catholic health system. Staff here looks to pass on the healing power of Jesus Christ as servants of their local and greater human community.

Two teams are working around the clock. Emergency staff such as nurses and doctors will treat the sick and injured. Clerical staff provide pastoral care. The thing they find about sickness here is that it impacts supportive family as well as patients, at which time a few words of comfort or just a listening ear can make a big difference as one is called to carry on during stress and uncertainty.

Carers here provide cancer treatment, heart help and imaging. Arrange to have your baby born at their facility. Should you require medicines or accessories to take home with you, stop by their full-service pharmacy.

Another feature of the hospital is its information service. Find out more about how you as a man, woman or senior can look after yourself properly. Get advice on how to help your child at any age with medical concerns. Go to their web site and find out the answer to a pressing questions which may turn out to be nothing. They also have library facilities. While on-line, find their donor information.

Sometimes a hospital visit means finding some place to stay away from home. If this is your situation, try the Harrisburg Hampton Hotel near Holy Spirit Hospital. Here you will enjoy the darkness of black out curtains when trying to catch up on sleep after an all-nighter in emergency with dad. Use the alarm clock provided to keep up with hospital appointments or to relieve another family member as you seek to provide twenty-four hour support. Maybe the patient is your child, so mom and dad will take turns getting sleep. If worry eats away, sleep might evade you, so burn off steam in the pool or fitness center.

If you are waiting for information from hospital, do not worry if your cell phone is not charged or got left behind in a rush of activity. There is a phone in your room with voice mail. Son can call mom and dad as they wait for news on the birth of their brand new grandchild.

To while away hours as you wait for good news about surgery or the birth of a child, watch in-room movies or play video games. Breakfast is served for guests each morning so take advantage: you might forget to eat later. Celebrate the birth of baby at one of several nearby restaurants.

Learn more about the healing powers of Jesus Christ as part of a community Catholic health system now in our guide to the Holy Spirit Hospital and the best Hotels In Harrisburg PA .

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