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Large beekeepers cannot turn a profit whenever they limit their market to their local community. Beekeepers who have some colonies ought to be able to promote their merchandise at larger grocery stores and supermarkets whenever they want to stay financially solvent.

In order for beekeepers to advertise their raw honey to a larger market their packaging ought to meet particular USDA standards.

The very first thing beekeepers have to decide is what type of bottle they wish to make use of to hold their honey.  The usual size of containers utilized to sell honey are measured in pounds. The standard amount of honey provided to the customers could be as small an amount as a half pound or as large as five pounds of honey. Several shops good to promote honey that is measured in gallons, these stores provide their clients the option of purchasing a container of honey as small as a half pint or as big as 1 gallon. If, as a beekeeper, you’re attracted to novelty bottles you could choose from quite a lot of fun bottles similar to skeps, bears, and plastic squeeze bottles.

As soon as you have decided on the ideal container for your honey you should design an equally right tag. Before you begin designing a label for your very own honey verify with your state government, the majority of states have several laws and requirements concerning how labels seem on products. Guantee that the word honey is written in bold letters across the label. The word ought to stand out and really catch the casual shopper’s eye. Nearly all graphic designers recommend that the honey ought to run parallel with the container’s base. Don’t authorize a label if the design doesn’t integrate your name (or your farm’s name) and your address. If you utilize a packing or distribution business their name and address need to even be included on the tag. The final thing that should be noticeably written on the tag is the net weight of the honey. If the honey you are marketing weighs between 1 to four pounds then the weight ought to be printed in both pounds and ounces. The print size made use of to point out the net weight isn’t random, the font size is determined by the dimensions and form of the container.

If you’re a beekeeper who harvests your very own honey at least once a season you might be able to write what taste of honey you are marketing. You may have honey that’s flavored with clover, alfalfa, or apple blossoms.

Tags that have phrases such as unfiltered, natural, raw, and areanic implies honey that has not been processed.

Beekeepers who have USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grades written on the label have passed a set of USDA grade standards. Honey that has a USDA grade of A has passed the exacting government standards. Honey that has a USDA grade of D has passed just a bare minimum of standards. The USDA grades honey based on the quantity of moisture in the honey, clarity, flavor quality, and defects.

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