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Putting comprises more than half of the average golfers total strokes in a round , but not enough attention is paid to improvement . We don’t use the practice greens as often as we should and most of us don’t take advantage of drills that can improve our results.

The putting stroke should be simple to enhance consistency . Here is a good idea that will help with the consistency of your stroke .

This drill requires the use of a large mirror, so that we can see our entire setup, foot position, hand position, takeaway, etc. Many golfer’s putting strokes include movements that they are not aware of as they putt. The use of the mirror will give you the opportunity to see it all and make adjustments.

A putting stroke should be a very simple motion , but too many golfers include motion that makes it too complicated . We over-complicate it with unneccessary hand and wrist movements…’s simple, swing the putter with your shoulders. You might even want to try putting left handed, if your normally right handed, or vice versa. Switching to the other hand will eliminate all the present bad habits and give you a fresh start. Shortening your back stroke can also help keep your alignment but you may have to re-learn the pace of your putts.

As chipping in your back yard helps with your short game, spending valuable time on putting greens can have a serious impact on your scorecard. And, rather surprisingly for most people, building a putting green is not nearly as expensive as you might have previously imagined. Most homes are built are on wasted space, so why not optimize your property by putting that lawn to work. Putting greens are not exactly an eyesore either, if they are installed well, they can look lovely.

In conclusion, what could possibly be better in the long term for your game than a home putting green? Everyone knows that the trick to becoming a scratch golfer is two-putting from anywhere, and the only way you will be able to achieve that is a lot of practice.

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