Practical Reading Before Traveling To Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Vieques is an island in Puerto Rico located in the northeastern Caribbean. Vieques lies 8 miles east of the Puerto Rican mainland and is approximately 21 miles long and 4 miles wide. Isabel Segunda and Esperanza are the island’s two key urban areas.

Next, we share some interesting  attractions and things to do.  You will additionally  find some interesting tendencies  for this interesting places as well as great lodging options.

Also known as as “Isla Nena”, Vieques is really a gorgeous and pristine island luring travelers with pristine deserted beaches and excellent settings for water sports. It is also home to an old Spanish fort, the Bioluminescent Bay and the finest Vieques villa rentals. Read on to find about the biggest attractions in Vieques.

Built by the Spanish in the mid 19th century, Count Mirasol Fort ( “Fortin Conde de Mirasol” in Spanish) is now a museum located on a hilltop over Isabel Segunda. The fort helped to protect Isabel Segunda from British, French, Dutch and Danish colonists and is now home to the impressive collection of artifacts from the Taino Indians and other cultures that lived on Vieques before the Spanish arrived.

The Bioluminescent Bay is one of the world’s largest and brightest bays. Its luminescence is caused by micro-organisms that glow every time when water is disturbed. The Spanish believed that the glow was work of the Devil and tried to block the ocean’s waters from entering the bay. Today this stunning bay is the perfect spot for kayaking and swimming.

Isabel Segunda’s lighthouse called Punta Mulas was constructed in 1896 and is a place not to be missed. It’s totally remodeled and its open to the public. The lighthouse has a museum worth a visit. Tourist will find an excellent collection of artifacts from ancient times.

A market research study released by a travel website reveals that 85 percent of the vacationers who were looking for a place to stay in Vieques were interested in comparison shopping among Vieques vacation rentals, bed breakfasts, and hotels.  Just 7 percent of those travelers were open to receive lodging offers from locations near Vieques, like Ceiba, Culebra, or Fajardo.

A survey stats shows that 56 percent of vacationers were careful visitors who began their trip preparing two or more months before their arrival. Traditional vacationers began their planning one to two months in advance and they represented the 19 percent. Typical last minute tourists represented the 25 percent and inquired within the last month before their arriving to their Vieques lodging.

The most searched vacation theme in the Vieques Island is family trips. People looking for a place to stay for four or more individuals represented the 48 percent of the lodging requests. Romantic couples and families with kids represented a 27 percent each and those who were traveling alone just the 4 percent.

In these troubled economic times, most travelers are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging alternatives before decide where to stay.

As an example, beneath there are 2 excellent deals to evaluate:

Vieques PR Vacation House: Two Units, Two and Four bedrooms. You can rent either the whole Vieques house with 6 bedrooms or just the 4 or 2 bedrooms individually. Cookies Paradise is located in Villa Borinquen in one cuerda (acre) of land. It has a gated private entrance and a garage. It is located only minutes away from Isabel II and the beaches.There are 2 Vieques vacation units available for rent. The upstairs unit has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. The downstairs unit has two bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 2 huge terraces with ocean and mountain view. For more information, photos and a practical inquiry form to deal with the owner directly, please visit, property ID#291750.

Casa Anolis in Vieques Puerto Rico: Casa Anolis has three bedrooms (1 queen size bed, 4 twin beds), kitchen, living room, large bathroom, a covered deck with a nice view of the Caribbean, washer and dryer, ceiling fans in every room, linens and towels, fully equipped kitchen with blender, and microwave, CD player, a phone and air conditioning in two of the three bedrooms.  For details, pictures and a useful form to contact the owner, please log into property ID#185372 at

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