Personalizing Photo Calendar Made Easy

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You can share your special moments to your friends, colleagues at work, and family members by creating a unique photo calendar showing images taken from familiar events or gathering which the recipients will surely relate to. They make great gifts as well especially when the year is about to change.

It is easy to create a photo calendar. Most websites have a built-in calendar program where it lets you instantly produce beautiful calendars at a single click of a mouse.  Choose among websites that offers a downloadable program or something that is built-in already in the site. The good thing about the latter is that it’s easier and less-hassle but won’t offer much option for customization. The downloadable ones however could help expose your computer to malware programs or viruses that could potentially harm your PC.

Creating a photo calendar won’t take too much of your time. Simply add your preferred image for each month of the year or one picture for the entire year and add a some  caption if provided as an option. Some websites won’t allow users to put in caption although some do. You can also choose to change which day of the week comes first which is the same idea employed in some of the calendar stocks in

If you need assistance in setting up your photo calendar,  contact us directly at at 1-800-423-8828 so that we could help you personalize your photo calendar .

Google is a really good reference source to check for more information about a photo calendar. Just type in “photo calendar” (with quotes) and you will find a list of top websites that have more information about photo calendars.

If international information about foreign countries is of an interest to you, then you need to search at Google or Yahoo. Search for “international holidays” at Google and you will see which websites offer a free blank calendar. Click on the Free Calendar link located on the right pane of the site to receive further instructions on how to download the free calendar.

Finding out when, where and how holidays are celebrated around the world is a great addition for teachers in the classroom. Search for “holidays around the world” to find informative and interesting facts to add to your lesson plan for teaching to your students.


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