Orlando Theme Park Holidays

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Having decided on a “big holiday” next year it’s been a fraught process of deciding where to go. In the end, America won out as I had only been for a short trip in the past and didn’t get to see anything much more than my hotel room. Wanting to fill up my holiday with plenty of things to keep me occupied, Orlando seemed to offer the most in the way of attractions and things to do.

The super thing about Orlando holidays is that boredom is apparently an unknown word out there, there is a fantastic amount to see and do. For families and bigger kids, there is the Walt Disney World complex, although arranging tickets on top of a wider trip to Florida isn’t something for the faint of heart and you may decide to just book a straight Disney holiday. This option includes things like shuttle transfers and transport around the parks which are too vast to cover by foot, so could be the best alternative for families. Unless you are prepared to become an overnight expert in the complexities of all the Disney options, you are probably better off talking to a travel agent who can also put together a special deal which covers what you need!

If it’s the case that Disney World holidays quite what you are looking for, there are other resorts and theme parks in Florida that are worth a visit or two. As a bit of a film geek, the Universal Studios park had to be on my tour agenda, and I’m looking forward to trying out the latest film-themed tours and seeing what new things they can offer in terms of cinema experiences. As well as Universal Studios, I’m also planning to spend some time at SeaWorld Orlando, which in addition to having a huge collection of aquaria and a massive variety of sea life, also has it’s own selection of thrill rides and a waterpark.

Obtaining flights to Orlando, even at the last minute, wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. Although it may the case that most people book this sort of holiday well in advance, given the global economy there are still places to fill on the planes and if you are prepared to be flexible in your plans you can pick up some really good deals with flights, fly drives and added accommodation extras if you shop around the travel agents

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