Nile River Cruises – An Experience Of A Lifetime

Egypt is a wonderfully versatile country with a fantastic heritage, and what better way is there to retrieve the magic of this beautiful land than by enjoying one of the numerous Nile River cruises on offer?  You’ll find a terrific pick available, with something to suit all pockets and all tastes – from short, budget trips affordable tours budget tours through to leisurely, 5 star cruises.

But why, precisely, should you take a Nile river cruise over another form of touring the country?  And what ancient sights await you along the lengths of Nile in Egypt?

Why Take A Nile Cruise?
There are many ways to tour Egypt, but for those interested primarily in the ancient and Pharaonic history of the country, Nile cruises are among the best choices. This is because a visitor will travel in the same fashion as the ancients, and also make many stops to view the most well-known or even lesser known sites, temples and locations as well.

If your main concern is comfort and convenience, then you should definitely consider a cruise as the way to discover Egypt. With most autobus tours, you’d be stopping every night at a different hotel, having to pack and unpack morning and night, as well as keeping to a fairly tight time table.

Spending several hours sitting on a coach each day is not everyone’s cup of tea – however comfortable the coach.  The beauty of Nile River cruises is that your hotel is also your means of transport.  You establish your home base in your cabin and then are free to do with your day what you will – whether that be relaxing on deck with a cool drink or exploring tremendous tombs and temples ashore.

This leads on to another advantage of cruises, and that is their flexibility. Maybe you already know Egypt well and don’t wish to sightsee further.  In that case, you’ll find plenty on offer on board ship.  But, if getting to know the country’s heritage is your main reason for your vacation, then most Nile cruisers can easily arrange excursions and tours for you at all ports of call.  

You’ll also enjoy the atmosphere on Nile cruise ships.  Ships which cruise the River Nile tend to be relatively small – not like some of the huge liners which cross the oceans.  This results in a wonderfully intimate, friendly atmosphere, where you get to know one another and become a big family.  Yet the ships are also large enough to offer plenty of conveniences, fine food, and comfortable accommodation.

Finally, with the tremendous choice of cruises available, you should certainly be able to find something to fit your budget and specifications.

What To See?
Cruising the Nile you’ll enjoy the sites, temples and tombs located along the particular stretch of the River you’re travelling – and it’s about the only way to visit southerly Egypt.  Cruises tend to be three, four or 7 nights in length, the shorter ones between Luxor and Aswan, the longer ones journeying further north. Obviously, the longer your cruise, the more you’ll get to see and the further north you go, several combining cruising with flights and land tours – sometimes to fairly remote areas.

If you’re after something slightly different, you may wish to experience sailing by “felucca”.  A felucca is a typical Egyptian sailing boat – but accommodation and amenities are certainly not as voluptuous as the cruise ships.

One thing’s for sure, whichever of the Nile River cruises you choose, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime and surely fall in love with the magical land of Cleopatra and the Pharaohs. 


Cruise Tour of the Nile
Enjoy a truly grand journey on the classical Egypt Nile Cruise Tour. It takes in some of the most famous, notable, and treasured sites of ancient Egyptian history as well as some contemporary “hot spots” during this fully escorted, 12 day adventure.

Nile River Cruise Holiday
Nile River Cruise Holiday is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience the romanticism of Egypt by water. This 12 day journey includes the best of both Egypt and Jordan.

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