Loopholes In Excess Valuation

When it comes to excess valuation coverage purchased at your airline, watch out for any loopholes in that policy.  The policy will generally make some exclusion, so make sure you know what they are before you decide to pay for the coverage.

The airline will always try to depreciate the value of your lost items, so keep that in mind.  They are always going to look for receipts too to confirm your claim.  Don’t consider that your homeowners policy can help you in this case for the reason that even if they do provide this type of coverage and you do find yourself making a claim this will make your premiums go up though it had nothing to do with your home.  This is why you should shop for travel insurance, such as annual family travel insurance.

One other thing to be very cautious of is if you start out your trip with one airline and then switch to another, regardless of the reason your policy will no longer be in effect.  As soon as you begin the process and then re-check your bags with another airline, that airlines fees and policies will then take over.  This is the case for most cheap travel insurance.

Bear in mind the things you have brought with you.  Basic plans usually cover only up to $500 for your bags.  For some, their clothes alone, depending on what they are taking will add up to more than that.  So you might also think about carrying as little jewelry as it can be.  The same applies here, they will probably cover up to $500 in valuables, but bear in mind you would yet again to produce receipts.  It makes most people want to drive and forget about flying, no matter how far the travel is. The funny part about the excess valuation and baggage coverage is that the airlines now are charging you to check your bags.  Much like all businesses, the airport is finding means to generate more income.

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