Lodge In Comfort Close To The IX Center Oh For Family Vacations

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The International Exposition Center in Cleveland, Ohio, or the IX Center Oh, is one of the biggest meeting places of its kind in North America. Located close to the airport, this makes a convenient place to take a vacation to see all the exciting things they have to offer all year round.

It features car shows and sports one of the large boat shows in the country. It is also home for numerous conferences and is a popular venue for a large number of other types of trade shows. The world’s largest indoor Ferris wheel is a permanent structure in brings many visitors to the center.

Every year during the spring, they have an indoor amusement park. Complete with rides, zoos and other family attractions, this makes it an attractive for those with children to visit with the indoor feature being very attractive to those with smaller children.

The Holiday Inn is close by, and offers a place to stay for the whole family. With double rooms so that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep and offering in room movies, there is enough space for everyone and entertainment available for the times you want to stay in. A pool is also available at the hotel, so you can have a relaxing day without having to leave.

The airport shuttle can help get you to and from your flights and re provided by the hotel, so there is less worry about your arrival and departure. A restaurant is in the hotel, so meals are easy without the extra stress of getting everyone some places miles away. If you find that you want a quiet night in, room service is available when the restaurant is open.

Since many people have to work, even while on vacation, there are business solutions available in the hotel for your convenience. This includes faxing and printing services as well as high speed internet in the rooms and all of the public areas. The keeps you connected to your e-mail and office while on the go.

IX Center Oh is one of the best attractions in the area, and staying in the Holiday Inn gives you convenience and comfort while you visit. Perfect for families, they give you the best in customer service and comfort for every member of your family no matter their age or specific needs.

Get the best in customer service and comfort for every member of your family with Cleveland Oh Airport Hotels. Get inside info on top accommodation now in our guide to all you need to know about IX Center Oh.

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