Learn How To Build Your Own Solar Panel On Your Own

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As energy prices rise, it is always good to look for cheaper alternatives to slash bills. After initial costs, solar power is energy for free. Getting the kit installed can be pricey though; here are a few tips to help build your own solar panel.

Ahead of anything else, it is important to ensure you have the right tools and equipment. Most importantly of course are the solar cells themselves; spend some time selecting which will be best for you.

There are a few other items needed. Plywood, a length of 1 x1, copper wire, a diode line, batteries and Plexiglas will be required for construction. You will also need a circular saw, screws and screwdriver, caulk, outdoor paint, soldering kit and glue.

Using your chosen cells as a guide, draw a grid on the plywood. Once satisfied, saw out the entire base and place to one side. It is now time to construct the actual panel itself.

Take your 1 x 1 and cut to size; determined by the size of your plywood panel. The panel should be attached to these using your screws, and applying suitable amounts of caulk and painted with outdoor paint to protect from the elements.

It is necessary to join cells together in a series. Each cell will have a tab; which should be attached to the preceding one with solder. It is important this work is done carefully, to ensure no damage. Once completed, the series of cells can be glued in place on the grid pattern on your wooden frame.

Once all set into place, the copper wire and diode line can be attached from the panel to the electrical system. The diode is necessary here, as it will prevent power being lost through reverse transfer from the batteries.

Plexiglas now needs to be attached across the entire panel. Fix this into place with suitable amounts of caulk to thoroughly protect from the elements. Now you have managed to build your own solar panel for the first time; there should be no stopping you.

By learning how to make a solar panel you can save money, help the environment, and generate electricity using free energy from the sun with DIY solar panels.

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