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Lanai is one of the largest (6th largest to be precise) of the Hawaiian Islands (which means it is quite small compared with the other islands of Hawaii).
It is commonly called as the pineapple island because the island had an island wide pineapple plantation in the past.

Lanai has a small town called lanai city which is a pretty small settlement.
The island has a comma shape and has a width of 29km in the direction in which it is longest and has a land area which is approximately about 364 km2. Hence, Lanai is the 42nd largest island in the whole of United States.

Lanai Island is separated from the Molokai Island by a channel named as Kalohi which is to the north and is separated from Maui by a channel called Auau which is to the east.
The total population of Lanai is approximately around three thousand one hundred and ninety three according to the year 2000 census done by the United States Census Bureau.
Lanai Island’s landmarks and other important sites are usually located off of dirt roads and hence, four-wheel drives are required to access these locations.
As the pineapple industry declined in Lanai Island, tourism industry took its place, as of the recent years.

Managed by Four Seasons hotels, there are two resort hotels on Lanai namely: Manele bay and the lodge at Koele.

Lodge at Koele is rather unusual when compared with other Hawaiian resorts as it is located inland rather than near the beach.

Used mostly by people visiting Lanai residents, there is a small hotel in the Lanai city.
With eleven rooms available for guests, Hotel lanai is a charming bed and breakfast hotel. It was built in the year nineteen twenty three by James Dole who was working at the Pineapple Company. It was intended to be used as a lodge to provide housing to HAPCO executives who were overseeing the pineapple production and hence it was the only hotel in the Lanai island until around the year nineteen ninety.

Both of these lanai hotel resorts have golf courses.Lanai boasts of many sites which are historical with old fishing villages and hence is a place of deep cultural importance.

Lanai Island has unique features such as Keahikawelo which is boulder-strewn.
The Lanai city, situated in the centre of the island, has the lanai playhouse and theatre which is simply lovely. Hence, this island of Lanai has a lot to offer to its tourists.

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