Lake Balaton, the Hungarian paradise

Lake Balaton is the greatest lake in Central Europe and a well-known treasure of the Hungarian tourism field . This popular holidayarea in the core of Europe is a relaxing spot for bathing under the Hungarian sun, as well as for water sports such as sailing and fishing. The lake itself is 77 km long and its widest point is 14 kms. Its average depth is 3m meters and the deepest point is known as Tihany well and it is 11 m.

Why is it a popular holiday spot? Consider having small children for example. When you visit any seaside you need to be frightened when your child is swimming and the water gets very deep in a short time . Or the salty water burns your skin. Well none of the above mentioned might happen to you in Lake Balaton. The water is shallow, but if you want to swim you can find beaches with deeper water as well. Since it is not deep the sun heats the water pretty quickly. And about saltiness. Not at all. Just sweet, smooth and clean water.

Lake Balaton is not just one of the largest lakes of Europe, but also a natural eden popular especially for those people who love outdoor activities or water sports. On the shores there are several towns suitable for a recreational holiday. The beautiful and friendly town of Siofok considered as the capital of Balaton is the most visited of Balaton’s lakeside resorts, and also the place where services are best available for instance for nightlife and shopping in Siofok. Other towns on the shores of Lake Balaton to mention but a few Balatonfüred, Keszthely, Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle.

Lake Balaton is a summer holiday spot with its main tourism season in July and August. During these months the shores of Lake Balaton are commonly crowded with visitors. There are swimmers who enjoy the warm waves of the lake, hikers who like the beautiful views from the hilly shores, windsurfers looking for a wavy waters   and beach volley players who want to test the smooth sand of the fun Balaton beaches. If you bored of of the sports activities in Lake Balaton, visit the Tihany Penisula with its rich history with its splendid views and beautiful church or the wine region of Badacsony, or relax in the thermal spas of Héviz orCsisztapuszta.

Apart from the water world of Lake Balaton and natural wonders around the lake, the town of Siofok offers an interesting city centre filled with all kinds of sights and monuments to be admired . Siofok is also famous for its lively nightlife with outdoor concerts, street cafes playing live music etc. Outside the city centre there are small beaches offering an alternative to overcrowded central areas. The most popular tourist attraction in Siofok is the Old Beach House renamed Coke club. This lively part of a beach offers daytime activities for swimming, volleyball, tennis, ping pong and water polo and nightime concerts and shows.

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