Jenolan Caves in Australia tours offer some real adventure

One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, in Australia, is the ancient and intriguing Jenolan Caves. The 11 amazing caves attract some 250,000 visitors annually. The Aboriginals, who inhabited the area for thousands of years, called them ‘Binoomea’ which means ‘dark places’.

The magical formations in beautiful colors are spellbinding. Except for the occasional dripping sound of water, silence fills the air as visitors take in these wondrous sights. In addition to several viewing caves, Jenolan also offers adventure caving which has become a popular pastime.

The caves are located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and they are definitely a must-see for any visitor. It is the most outstanding cave system in Australia, and one of the oldest and most impressive systems in the world. Unbelievable! Awesome! Incredible! Amazing! These are just some of the comments you will hear from people exiting the caves.

 When visiting this hidden gem, there are a number of guided tours and activities on offer for all fitness levels and age groups. There are lots of excellent Jenolan Caves nsw accommodation establishments in the area catering for every taste and budget. Jenolan is a perfect venue for weddings and honeymoons, school field trips, concerts, and business conventions.

If you want to the get the maximum Jenolan experience, spend a couple of days here. You will not be permitted to bring pets because the area has been declared a national park. The road to the entrance of the valley can be a bit precarious for caravans.

On booking for a guided tour, you will be given a special pass ticket. With this, you can qualify for great discounts on other cave tours and get free admission to the brand new Devil’s Coach/Nettle Cave. With an easy to operate audio handset, this cave can be negotiated at your own pace.

If you are planning a business or corporate event, this is the perfect venue. Your exhibition, conference, product launch, seminar or team building activity will give your customers or colleagues a really unique experience. There are a number of hotels that have function rooms for this purpose. They will also organize cave tours, special dinners and other activities for you.

The renowned Jenolan Caves House is the ultimate venue for a unique wedding. This establishment has been organizing weddings for many years. Imagine the thrill of getting married in a beautiful cave underground! Caves House has a lovely bridal suite as well as other accommodation offers for the couple’s friends and family.

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