It’s A Beautiful Marlin In Cabo San Lucas

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The Baja Peninsula stretches southward from the border of California for approximately 800 miles before ending at Cabo San Lucas and is separated from the rest of Mexico by the Sea of Cortez. Despite its reputation as a parched, barren desert, it is in reality a very rich territory with several diverse ecosystems ranging from Mediterranean to temperate woodlands in the mountain ranges.

It is also adjacent to some of the most recognized saltwater fishing on the Pacific coast. The kind of fishing available from one of the peninsula’s Mexico beach rental facilities is practically as varied as the terrain. To be sure, there are many deep sea charter tours with knowledgeable guides who will be glad to take you out into the Pacific or the Gulf in search of marlin, mahi-mahi or dolphin, but it’s just as promising to take a more passive method.  Some fishermen who camp out along one of Baja’s white beaches find it just as fruitfull to set up a fishing pole, a line and some bait and allow the fish come to them.

When it comes to low tech fishing, the natives will definitely frequently teach visitors a thing or two. Using nothing other than glass bottle as a float, a lead weight and most any kind of cheap hook, regional fisherman are able to cast a line a significant distance into the water from the beach and wind up with some amazing catches.

If you wind up tenting along the Sea of Cortez, you might do this type of fishing out of necessity seeing as markets are far apart and travelling over the areas primitive roads can be a bone jarring experience to say the least. Beach rental accommodations with a substantial refrigerator and kitchen is enormously convenient so you can stock up and not have to make too many trips into town for groceries. 

There is an additional side to Baja fishing and that is the competitive deep sea fishing tournaments that are repeatedly held out of San Cabo. There are three of these held each year, one of which is toward the end of July and the others which take place about the middle of October. These are earnest contests with equally momentous prizes.  In the 2010 East Cape Tournament, fifty six teams walked away with a sum of over $304,000 in prize money, with one top prize of $64,515 going to a fisherman who reeled in a nearly 600 pound marlin.

Baja is more than fishing.  With some of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches on North America’s Pacific Coast, surfing is a prevalent activity with visitors and the waves compare quite satisfactorily with those off the coast of Hawaii. Baja ecotourism also include whale watching tours during the migration season as the California gray whales make their way to and from Alaska. The tour boats get close enough to these huge, but friendly denizens of the deep for people to actually touch them. Baja Ecotours also offers scuba diving tours and photo excursions as well as eco friendly bed breakfasts that are solar and wind powered.


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