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Fly Fishing Henry’s Fork in Island Park Idaho is a rewarding experience for even the most  experience   fishermen .  With so many areas  to fish and types of waterways,  anglers   are kept well challenged.  



Henry’s Fork is a  tributary   of the Snake Riverwhich originates from  Henry’s Lake in Island Park.   The area downstream from Henry’s Lake   the outlet, is unopen to fishing, due to the fact that   it is spawning ground.   Henry’s Fork   meets up with the headwaters of the Snake River near Big Springs, 5 miles west of Hwy 20 on  South   Big Springs Loop Rd. Upriver from where the outlet meets the waters of Big Springs is  spawning ground as well, and is closed also.    It’s easy to see the potential for landing trophy trout if  visiting   the bridge at Johnny Sack Cabin at Big Springs.  Moster-sized trout love to show off near the bridge, safely taunting  fishermen  from this protected stretch.


The waters open to fishing  downstream from  where the outlet meets Big Springs, the area known as “The Bathtub”.  Nice  fishing can be had in the deeper water and around the boulders at this point.  Downriver from The Bathtub becomes  quite   shallow, and populated  in summer  with vacationers floating the river on tubes or canoes, but is also a popular section to fish, especially for vacationers staying  in the Macks Inn area of Island Park.  The bridge over the river  at Hwy 20 is a  fun   place to take little kids  to fish, and right by is an ice cream  parlor   to console  the children  if they don’t happen  to  land   anything! The fish caught in this area are usually delicious, pan-sized trout.

The section from Macks Inn to Island Park Reservoir has some  good   fly fishing   below the bridge and  again   after Coffe Pot Rapids. There is parking for anglers at the Coffe Pot Campground, where a  pleasant   fishing trail begins and follows  Henry’s Fork.   Once the river reaches  Island Park Reservoir, fishing becomes even more unpredictable.  astonishingly huge  trophy fish have been caught in the reservoir, but patience is definitely the key here.   Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Cutthrout Trout and Hybrid Trout can be caught at the reservoir. 

 Just below   the reservoir on Henry’s Fork is a  boat launch for  with plenty of parking and “rest facilities”.    This is where the  real action   begins.   This whole section of river, from below the dam to below Harriman State Park, is catch and release.  The beginning part through Box Canyon is quicker water.  As the summer progresses and the water levels lower, rocks and downed logs begin to appear.  Most anglers use a small fishing canoe or float tubes here.   Downstream , the waters calm  and the river widens.  Fishing is trickier here, but this whole area below the dam is  where the biggest action is on the river. 

When visiting Island Park Idaho or Yellowstone,  definitely try   your skills on the unbelievable waters of Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.  Autumn is a  favorite time for  fishermen here,   as the fish are feeding heavily.   For first-timers  to the area, there are plenty of local Island Park fishing guides to help you land that trophy fish. It will be well worth it!  See ya on the river!

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