Iowa – Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Vacations

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You’ll find many American tales of human determination and strength of character which have inspired hundreds of thousands throughout the world. President Hebert Hoover’s rise to Presidency is one of those stories of bravery and willpower. The Herbert Hoover National historic site in Iowa preserves the birth place of the President plus tells the story of the beginning of his quest and his subsequent journey for the top office in the country.

This National park holiday would be ideal for families with children. Not only will you manage to give them an excellent educational experience, but the nature trails and junior ranger programs prearranged by the park will add up that much needed element of fun. One can surf the Internet and read an alternative travel blog to learn more about this.

The key destination of the national park is the two room small cottage that President Herbert Hoover was born in. Herbert’s father and grandfather build that cottage in the year 1871. The cottage stayed home to the Hoover folks till the year 1879. The graves of Hoover and his lovely wife Lou Henry Hoover overlook the cottage from a neighboring hill. It’s located roughly half a mile away from the visitor center.

Near the cottage a blacksmith shop is situated which represents the industrial essence of the town and the Hoovers. Back in the 1870′s, Father of President Hoover had a blacksmith shop over there.

The Hoover Creek which flows near the president’s birthplace silently tells the story of his childish pursuits and sports. The tiny creek travels in to the Mississippi River and these days provides excellent spots to pass some leisurely afternoon hours. The nature trail with tall grass prairies alongside the Hoover creek is also worth trekking. There are a variety of affordable lodging choices available for you to choose from.

President Hoover stayed in ’The house of Maples’ for one and a half years till he was separated from his siblings when both his parents died. Although the house no longer stands, the location is labeled with a symbol plus a maple tree.

Visiting The Presidential Library and Museum is essential for any person visiting the national park. It houses many exhibits associated with Herbert Hoover’s career and life as well as a gift center. The Downey Street is also a well-liked tourist spot. The buildings, fences, boardwalks and lamps along the street generate a surroundings just like the vicinity that Hoover spent all his childhood in.

Whether you are planning an Iowa trip or desire to take the kids for a small weekend break close to the city, including a trip to the Herbert Hoover National Park in your Iowa travel plans will certainly prove being a fine experience.

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