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How many times have we all heard, “I’m bored and there is nothing to do”?  I know we hear that from our kids throughout the summer , and we always come up with new and exciting events to do with our kids .  Below are some fun and inexpensive ideas to do as a family  .

With gas prices being so high, and all of us concerned about the economy , it is  a challenge to   justify getting away for a summer vacation.  Coming up with a vacation within your own city and staying at home is always a great idea .  A three day weekend always works well so that you only have to take off one day of work .  Take the day off of work on Friday, and do not answer your home phone the entire weekend .  The first step is to turn your home into your hotel for the weekend.   I find it fun to go out and buy a gift basket filled with treats  that everyone in the family will enjoy, and then leave it out on the kitchen table so that when you return from your first day out, you are greeted with it when you return home.  Now that you have your accommodations taken care of, it is time to plan out the events.  

To kick off the weekend , it is fun to go out to lunch for cheesburgers  or something fun with the kids, and then go to a local museum.  After the museum, plan on going back home and everyone get into bed together and watch a movie just like you would if you were staying at a hotel.  This is a great time to open up the gift baskets and enjoy the treats while watching a movie.  The kids are sure to get a kick out of opening up a gift basket filled with goodies that they are allowed to dive in and enjoy!  After “nap” time, then it is time to go out to a unique restaurant that you would not typically take your kids to.  As for the rest of the weekend, I would plan on a picnic at a local park so that you can hang out, play Frisbee , eat lunch and go hiking.  Try looking into some local theater our outdoor concerts for a fun Saturday evening with the kids. Another nice treat is to  place a piece of your kid’s favorite chocolates from their local candy store on their pillow before bed time.  Let everyone sleep in late on Sunday morning , then go out to a big brunch at one of the local restaurants or diners and enjoy a big breakfast feast with the kids. 

Enjoying a fun weekend with your kids , and only the kids will truly make you feel like you were away on a vacation, but your wallet will not know the difference from any other weekend. 

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