If You Search around You Might Find Great Deals On Travel Insurance For Military People And Their Families

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Travel insurance is a thorn in the flesh even for the military people and their families.  Even they aren’t covered by their standard insurance if they are planning to take a vacation.  They still have to get travel insurance just like everybody else.

Some may know the story of Carissa Picard, who had waited patiently for her husband to come home from Iraq.  The first order of business after hugs and kisses from the whole family was a cruise.  Carissa’s husband couldn’t afford a trip so he had taken out a loan because he wanted it to be really special for the family.  When they were not able to take the trip, they lost on the loan they had taken out.  So what should this family do? They wanted to take a trip for such a long time in order to spend their time together and it all fell apart just like that.

When they talked to a travel agent regarding their situation, they were told that what they should have done is to get a travel insurance policy for trip cancellation however they could not afford to pay for an extra $130 for the insurance.  But, because they didn’t pay $130 out for the insurance they lost so much more.  This is the reason why it is important to seek out good travel health insurance, whether it is some cheap travel insurance or a good emergency travel insurance plan.

The rules are tight on a cancellation, especially since this cancellation was made the day of the cruise.  The cruise line they booked with advised the Picards that they just didn’t have time to sell that cabin so that poses a problem.  This can be frustrating for a person who’s on a tight budget.

The travel agent fought for the family and the cruise line gave a partial refund to the family.  The family now understands that travel insurance is a difficult game to play, but it is a necessary one. 

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